Friday, May 30, 2008

Big in Europe

Church just hit me with this piece from The Guardian. About nerdcore, if you can believe it!

While the story obviously predates the recent dissipation of Rhyme Torrents, most of the rest of the info is pretty much on-point. Frontalot and mc chris are both well represented, as are directors Dan and Negin, and former scene staples High-C and MC Router. Nerdapalooza - and its cousin Nerdapalooza UK - gets some well deserved love. YT also gets a nod, reminding us that he truly is our king.

Take a read and share your thoughts. As press goes, this one is a biggy!


Dan Plus Add said...

I wouldn't say N-UK got "love" as such. Just a small mention about whether or not it's happening. It certainly is happening, though. So I emailed them about it :P

Raslin said...

Nice article, wish they had mentioned Hipster-please though :)

Z. said...

I dunno, Dan, the writer says that folks should hope that N-UK is more than just a rumor. I'd consider that love, although an admittedly meager dose. ;)

Yeah, Ras, a mention would've been nice, but, compared to a lot of the other stuff going on in the community, I reckon I'm small potatoes.