Thursday, May 29, 2008

Them's my boys!

Congratulations are in order for Hipster, please! pals Anthony and Dan Plus Add. Anthony’s on top of the world – and rightfully so – after finding out that the Here Comes a New Challenger compilation that he helmed recently got some pub in Australia’s Rave magazine. Well deserved praise for a fine album.

Likewise, Dan’s Coultometer, a delightful device for quantifying one’s nerd fame, just got the nod from the titular Jonathan Coulton himself. Have you checked your current level of Coultonosity? You totally should. It’s all the rage.


Church said...

Dan should add metric Coultons (so if you're 0.05 Coultons, you're 5 centiCoultons.)

ADeadHeart said...

Ohhhh'll not make a twit out of me. Stop making it cooler. I mean it. Stop!

Dan Plus Add said...

Cheers, Z! Another Internet hero of mine, Leo Laporte, has used it now. Over 6 Coultons. Does that mean he wins at Internet?

Z. said...

The metric system is evil, Church. You know that.

Come on, ADH, join our twisted party! ;)

Leo wins all the Internets he wants, Dan. Coultons or no.