Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Radio Free Hipster EP. 45: Black and Blue

I’m always a little wary of “effortless” episodes of the podcast. You know, the ones that just come together easily from beginning to end. This is such an edition.

The playlist, for example, was assembled from memory, which is odd in and of itself. I simply thought to myself, self, these are the songs we’re going to play next ep, and, lo and behold, this info was still there in mental storage when the time came to put this bad boy together.

Likewise, my spoken interludes were pretty easy to record. Hell, even the upload process took less time and effort than usual!

Despite all this, I’m not quite willing to write this ep. off. Though I tend to believe that your enjoyment of a podcast is directly proportional to how much of a pain in my ass the actual assembly and dissemination of the episode is, I’ve got a little faith in this one. The musical selections may be a bit different from what you expect, but I think that each song has ample merit.

Take a listen and lemme know what you think.

Download Radio Free Hipster EP. 45: Black and Blue [hosting provided by Antisocial] Size: 49.5 MB Running Time: 54:07

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – “Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)”
There is, after all, no better place to start.

Track 1: The Weasel King – “Red Hair (2DefMice Nerdy Gospel Mix)
This is easily one of my favorite songs from the Old Nerdy Bastard comp.

Z’s 1st interlude: “Something I rarely do so early on.”
I tend to reserve the rocking out for the second set, but it’s good to mix shit up.

Track 2: Southside – “Blackout”
I’m not sure how I’m just finding out about Southside, but I suppose it’s a “better late than never” type of thing.

Track 3: Mindscape Music – “Other Side of the Mirror”
I love that there’s someone out there making soundtracks specifically for tabletop RPG sessions. It all but restores my faith in humanity.

Track 4: Consortium of Genius – “Bow 2 Me (Dr. Z version 2001)
This song is funny to me on an additional level as “COG” refers, in my local parlance, to the ultra-conservative Pentecostal Holiness group the Church of God, in whose taut and hoary clutches I was reared.

Track 5: Videogame Orchestra – “Doctor Who Theme”
I’m currently resisting the urge to throw this in with a couple of songs from Ep. 20 to form a RFH mini-mix.

Track 6: Danimal Cannon – “Maybe We Should Stick to Football (England)”
If you haven’t already, check out the amazing remix project No Balls, No Glory, brought to you, of course, by super producer Mustin, please do so.

Track 7: DJ Morgoth – “Take Your Mutter Out
Sorry for forgetting to include this one last episode, nerdy moms. I’m a bad boy.

Z’s 2nd interlude: “And here’s another track.”
I think I have an unintentional motif in this episode: the twofer. We got two songs from ONB, two songs from Mindscape Music, two songs from the Southside guys, two songs suggested by Ant, two songs suggested by Steve BC, and two tech-y indie pop tracks.

Track 8: Metaforce – “Subliminal (Style Wars Part 1)”
Metaforce has my new favorite name for a geeky hip-hop outfit. Embarrassingly enough, it took me a while to get the clever pun.

Track 9: Animal Style – “Medieval Blues
Wikipedia seems to quantify the madrigal a bit differently than me. It’s description is probably much more accurate.

Track 10: Steve BC – “Kfr-friend ed.
I am on a real Steve BC kick at present!

Track 11: Computerization – “1.14me
You need this song. Trust me.

Track 12: Tullycraft – “Every Little Thing”
A little twee pop compliments of Matt from free_geek, a fine blogger, a sanctified music connoisseur, and a helluva pal.

Track 13: Hidari – “Clambon (Glenn Case’s Campfire Singalong mix)
Justin and Glenn really made this mix something special. It’s got an uplifting quality that I just can’t accurately describe.

Z’s final interlude: “I’m gonna have some guests.”
Next episode will be a special Nerdapalooza-themed event. I am very excited!

Track 14: Del tha Funkee Homosapien – “Proto Culture”
An old school nerd rap track if ever there was one.

Thanks so much for checking out this edition of the podcast. Your support means a lot, and your company is always appreciated.

I hope you dug this ‘cast despite its dubious distinction of being, y’know, not a holy fuckin’ terror on my end. Failing that, I hope you were at least turned on to some new stuff.

I’m already working on episode 46, and you can expect it to be a bit longer and more involved than usual. Hex and mCRT are really fun, interesting cats, and I can’t wait to pick their brains about Nerdapalooza.

Until next time! :)


Colonel Panic said...

Nice seeing some COG on there.

Dr. Z married my cousin some years ago. They have a son, who he has referred to as Lowercase Z.

Z. said...

What an odd coincidence, CP! It's a small world. :)

phreakymonkey said...

Oooh, the double love. You're too good to us.

I made a loose and not the slightest bit authoritative translation of Clambon for Glenn, if anyone else is curious.

Z. said...

It's true; I have the love for Hidari and for Mr. Case. The double love. The kind that makes me want to bake you a cake. A cake of love.

And thanks for the translation!

Anthony said...

That was some goooood listening. Nice call with the danimal cannon track! I love that lbum, it is epic! Also the animal style album is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

And as always, thanks a ton for the shout out on the podcast =D

stevebc said...

thanks for the shoutouts
i look forwrd to getting the podcast once I fix my cpu, peace

Z. said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Ant. No Balls, No Glory is an instant classic, as is Gameboy Madrigals. And I'll keep givin' the shout-outs as long as you keep hooking me up with cool music. :)

No prob, Steve. Lemme know what you think of the whole ep.

stevebc said...

oye your already on ep. 47
I got this and 46
and listened to them both a few
times through while playing
dogs of war and command conquer
it was a ripping good time
its da bomba dude

be well