Monday, April 21, 2008

NNIB Addendum

Directly after I hit the “post” button to share with you today’s Nerd News in Brief, the demure red telephone in my office – I call it the Front-phone – rang. On the other end of the line, an automated message began to play amid a whir or servos and the slightest crackle of static. Below is a transcription of this most vital message from the Frontalot Home Base:
Hey, are you going to be in Boston for ROFLcon, or for the Nerdcore Rising: The Movie screenings, or for the Sunday night Frontalot/Prince Paul show? If you're around for any of those (particularly that last one), you might have looked at the $25 party/performance tickets and been all like "whaaaat? that is hells of expensive."

Well, hop on this (it is how to get a free pair of tix):

1) Write email to Tell her your name and that you crave free tix. Make sure your email is reply-to-able.

2) Tomorrow night she is going to pull fifty names out of a bingo spinner. Winners get two tix each.

3) If you winned, she emails at you to say so!

4) You have to meet up with her at one of the showings to grab the tickets, so you might as well see the movie too. has showtimes, advance tix.

Sound awesome? Is. Do it quickly.


ADeadHeart said...

I totally WINNED. How kick ass is THAT?

Z. said...

VERY kick ass, ADH! I expect a full report. ;)

ADeadHeart said...

How fantastic WAS this? The movie was brilliant - occasionally poignant and always funny (the theater was in stitches I tell you! Followed by a Q&A with Farsad and Front n' Crew. She was very personable and lacked the snobbishness one might assume a movie maker might possess.

Witnessed a Free Tibet rally (?) and had the best food EVER in Chinatown, which I probably walked way too far for.

After party was for the entire IFF collaboration at the verrrry swanky Mantra in beautiful downtown Boston. I didn't get lost! Quite the mix of nerdy folks and not so nerdy. ADH felt like a hermaphrodite at her first boy/girl party. More to come about that later, I think. There was free Absolut and free Newcastle, which I could not so much partake of...damn me and my driving all the way back to my little corner of ConnectiCUT but what's a girl to do?!

Another friend of mine from KoL also scored tix (what a small world!) and she and my other half are featured, happily dancing and applauding, on the Nerdcore Rising homepage. This pleases me. I got some networking of my own done and some thoughtfulness will follow.

Got home at the not SO awful hour of 3amish (that's a.m. ISH not Amish) and have some decent photos of the night. Frabjous!

ADeadHeart said...

*dinner, bathtub cleaning interlude*

I forgot to say!

MC Frontalot was fantastic live, as he was when I saw him in Arizona last fall. He did 2 short sets, interrupted quite pleasantly with the hip hop goodness of Prince Paul, who played some old skool I'd forgotten about and some I was ashamed to remember. Front played my faves, from Bizarro Genius Baby, which reminds me of my daughter, to Goth Girls, which I pretend reminds me of me. I've got the whole set list scribbled somewhere, if need be. <3

Z. said...

Thanks for the report from the... uh... front, ADH. ;)

If you don't mind (and if you could kick a picture of two my way), I'd love to put this up as it's own post.

ADeadHeart said...

If I had known you might do that (and of course I don't mind... geez!) I woulda been more authorly! Shot you the photobucket link for your perusal and possible pic description usage.

Eventually I will get around to composing my thoughts on how it felt to be a reformed (read currently still likes Lil Jon) and a nerd (though some question the validity of that statement (she doesn't like They Might be Good?!?!)...walking both lines was indeed awkward. This really didn't have anything to do with the show though so if I DO go there it won't be completely related. If anyone skimming this has any experience with this, though, I'd like input cuz I can't possibly be alone in my appreciation for both?

ADeadHeart said...

felt to be a reformed ... hip hop DJ* ... typing at midnight is not always my strong suit...