Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Limitless Fervor

When I announced last week that Uncle Monsterface, Harry and the Potters, and Math, the Band had each been added to the Nerdapalooza roster, I’m afraid I only told you part of the story. You see, dear reader, there are rare occasions where I am privy to juicy nuggets of nerdy musical information, but asked to keep them under my hat. Thankfully, I got the all-clear to share this particular morsel well before its shelf life was spent.

Let me commence with the spillage of beans.

In addition to their stint at Nerdapalooza, the aforementioned bands – which I will now call Monsterface, The Potters, and Math for the sake of brevity – are embarking on a bona fide tour of these United States. The Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo 08 is coming to a venue near you, complete with “Camp fires! Songs about being a wizard! Giant monsters! Cool big videos! Rock and roll aerobics! Inflatable monkeys! Dancing sock puppets! Going bananas! Circus tents! Jumping! Yelling! More jumping!”

While an official press release will be shortly forthcoming, initial tour dates have already been revealed:

June 25 | Cambridge, MA
June 26 | Portland, ME
June 27 | NYC, NY
June 28 | Brooklyn, NY
June 29 | Philadelphia, PA
June 30 | Washington, D.C.
July 1 | North Carolina
July 2 | Athens, GA
July 3 | Gainesville, FL
July 4 | Tampa, FL
July 5 | Orlando, FL
July 6 | Atlanta, GA
July 8 | Houston, TX
July 9 | Dallas, TX
July 10 | Austin, TX
July 11 | TBA
July 12 | Tucson, AZ
July 13 | Phoenix, AZ
July 14 | San Diego, CA
July 16 | Pomona, CA
July 17 | Los Angeles, CA
July 18 | San Francisco, CA
July 19 | San Francisco, CA
July 21 | Portland, OR
July 22 | Olympia, WA
July 23 | TBA
July 24 | Seattle, WA
July 26 | Salt Lake City, UT
July 27 | Boulder, CO
July 28 | Denver, CO
July 29 | Lawrece, KS
July 30 | Omaha, NE
July 31 | Minneapolis, MN
August 1 | Chicago, IL
August 2 | TBA
August 3 | TBA
August 4 | TBA
August 5 | Ann Arbor, MI

Additional info can be found at the official tour site, and don’t hesitate to hit up the event forum to participate in a little pre-tour wackiness. A mega-dose of musical madness is on the horizon, and summer will never be the same.

“This is no longer a vacation. It's a quest. It's a quest for fun.”
--Clark Griswold


AlienBoBZ said...

Nice. Maybe I can tape a few of the Washington shows. I know that HatP are cool with taping.


Z. said...

That's a great idea, AB! As the dates solidify and we get more info on venues, keep me abreast of your plans and I'll do what I can to try and help you work something out.