Friday, April 25, 2008

Creature feature

With the first round of Crate Digger Death-match, the new baby, and the (eternally half-finished) second compilation album in the works during what corporate douche bags might term Quarter 1 of 2008, I have not had ample time to devote to the core purpose of this blog: asking annoying and semi-relevant questions to your favorite geeky musicians and Net celebs. But now that two of those have been seen to fruition – as will, I hope, the third in a matter of weeks – I am again turning my attention to the long-absent interview feature. The question of the day is simply who.

So I ask, knowing full-well some of your suggestions will undoubtedly be well beyond my meager scope, who would you like to see featured here at HP?

I have a couple ideas of my own, but I’m really interested in hearing what kinds of artists you’d like to get to know via my own lackadaisical brand of brain-picking.


ben said...

Honestly, I'd dig an interview with Doc Pop, maybe even one with Wheelie Cyberman or even all of Optimus Rhyme.

Anthony said...


haha, nah, i wouldn't want to waste your time, when you could be interviewing some VG Rock, the likes of the endlessly amazing Armcannon, Year 200X, or Entertainment System!

I've noticed a small bit of absence of interviews for VG rock, but I know you probably want to remedy that!

Church said...

all of the above. Also JD from Entertainment sytem. Shawn Phase. Dave from NKI. Heck, look at your sidebar!

Drystan Knight said...

While we are on Geek Cultue, how about jumping out of music and hitting some other Geeks of note. Its always fun to see how the spread of Geekdom affects other aspects of society. An alternative would be to pick some NON geek celeb and feed them tons of releveant material...THEN interview them on their take on it.

letters said...

Jonothan Coulton would be quite a coup?

and maybe, esp. with the album coming, dan plus add?

love and snogs,


Z. said...

Actually, Ben, I was supposed to interview Doc way back in the day for a nerdcore article in some European culture mag. It fell through, but he’d still make a fine interview subject for HP, as would Wheelie.

All excellent suggestions, Ant! Truthfully, I’ve wanted to interview Year 200X for a long time. I think I even mentioned it in RFH Ep. 1.

Interesting, Church. I’ve already spoken with Shawn a bit in the past, so I may have an in there. And you know the guys from Entertainment System and NKI, right?

Not a bad idea, DK. I wonder what non-musical-type geeks would actually be willing to talk to me. ;)

I interviewed JoCo for the GeekDad blog a bit ago, B, so I don’t reckon he’d want me double-dipping, but D++ is a great idea.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Keep ‘em coming!

Anthony said...

If you were able to grab an interview with the Minibosses, or the now defunct Chromelodeon, it would be quite the coup for the VG rock community!

I had the honor of interviewing ES, year200x, and Shawn Phase in my earlier blogging days (you can dig them up on my site), and they are definitely great folks with plenty to say! So an interview with any of tehm would be an entertaining read.

ADeadHeart said...

Creature Feature's pretty good ;) I dug that MC Fanatical. What about Paul and Storm?

Z. said...

Man, if only I were big enough to interview the Minibosses!

I don't think Fanatical is doing nerdy music anymore, ADH, but Paul and Storm are an interesting suggestion.