Friday, March 07, 2008

Nerd Aid

Okay, so somehow I managed to miss this until Glenn Case mentioned it on his MySpace yesterday. I'm not saying I'm the most "plugged in" cat on the Intertubes or nothin’, but I figured if I had somehow passed this over then some of you may have as well. As such, let me relate the following:

The long and short of it is that Shael Riley's brother (and frequent co-conspirator) Devon underwent emergency surgery late last month. Thankfully, he's recovering, but, like so many of us, the ensuing hospital bills are presenting a brand new, long-term problem. In addition, bills for little incidentals – like say food and rent – tend to pile up regardless of whether or not you’re physically able to drag your ass to work.

I don’t know Devon Riley, but I am familiar with his work. Moreover, I have every indication that he’s a great guy. A great guy who has, unfortunately, had a run of pretty shitty luck.

His friends have set up a little blog where folks can go to wish Devon well as he recovers. While there, you can also give a little donation through Paypal, should you feel so inclined. Surely the great Nigel Edmund Silverman deserves a little love from fellow geeks and gamers.


Church said...


Just, "Damn."

Get well soon, Dev. I'll try to throw some cash at you.

Z. said...

You're a good man, Church.