Thursday, March 06, 2008

More Nerd News in Brief

The problem with pulling double duty between Hipster, please! and Geekdad is that, many times, the things I do for one don’t necessarily translate well to the other. Sure, there’s a commonality, but I don’t expect that GD readers would respond to my foul mouth and healthy disrespect for copyright laws quite as warmly as you do.

Still, there are some exceptions. I actually have a couple of things coming down the Geekdad pipe in the near future that I think you folks will really dig. I’ll not divulge too much so as to keep a minimal level of mystique, but as plans solidify I’ll be happy to drop some knowledge.
  • Ghosts I (available intravenously): I don’t like Nine Inch Nails – a 40-year-old man trying to be angsty is just a little bit sad – but I do like Antisocial. As such, I’d like to call you attention to his new project. Soc is working on “a quick little project called Seven Inch Spikes: Apparitions. Basically the concept is derivative (remix, rap, rework, cover, inspired by, parody, etc) works of the new Nine Inch Nails album.” Parties interested in participating should give Soc a holler and/or peep RT for further details.
  • G4 - Now with 50% less suck!: YTCracker is seeking to help G4 reclaim its former glory(?) via the power of music. He has recently licensed his track “DugDig” for a year as the BGM for a commercial for X-Play. Yes, Warwick Davis was Willow and an Ewok and Leonard Nimoy was Galvatron and Spock. But Adam Sessler? He’s just kind of a tool.
  • A place to call home: Nerdapalooza has a new and improved online presence. The URL is humorous and borderline inappropriate so I really can’t help but love it. The site was also designed by Game Metal mastermind Girlz Melon for added rock-ass geek cred!
  • Japanese stunt man?!: T.Y.T. has a new video available for your perusal, and this one’s not on YouTube. You can, however, peep “Saturday Night SYN” elsewhere. And trust me, you’ll want to watch what T.Y.T. describes as “a totally retarded hyphy in face skull crushing video!”
  • Here I am…: Thanks to my brother Matt for hipping me to a special new track by Wrockers The Owl Post. This one’s a collab with Adam from The Mudbloods. It’s called “Scarhead Theme,” and it’s available at the Post’s MySpace.
  • Wrock you like a hurricane: In other Wrock news (also courtesy of Matt), Lena (of The Butterbeer Experience) and Lauren (of The Moaning Myrtles) are planning a joint tour. The duo is also working on an EP together, and are currently looking for artistic assistance for cover art design. There’s a tentative Baltimore date on said tour, which hopefully means Matt and Church can do a post-gig write-up. /stern look
  • Further developments: Earlier this week, it was widely reported in Wizard Rock circles that The Parselmouths were parting ways due to the approaching nuptials of member Brittany. The band’s forthcoming gig in Kansas was expected to be their last, with remaining Parselmouth Kristina soldiering on with a new huckleberry. A recent follow-up, however, has clarified the previous information; it now looks like Brittany is just taking the summer off to get married, and fans can expect more of the classic Brittany/Kristina lineup in the future.
  • Tag-team: On the VGM front, my pal Anthony has officially announced the next GM4A compilation Here Comes a New Challenger. This one features collaborations between nerdcore vocalists and chiptune/VGM musicians. He even included a preview track to tide us over until its release.
  • Across the pond: Speaking of game music, congrats go out to the fine folks at the Gamewave Podcast. Much like my own Radio Free Hipster, the Gamewave guys have just celebrated the posting of their 40th podcast. (No small feat, I assure you!) If you haven’t yet, I’d highly suggest giving the ‘cast a listen. Joe and Mike are not only VGM aficionados, they’re also game musicians themselves, and their show is not to be missed.
  • 1D4 moments of silence: I’m gonna break with tradition and end NNIB without a video today. Instead, here’s a little image that Church found that sort of managed to stick in my brain. We all know that Gary Gygax shuffled off this mortal coil earlier this week, but did you realize he did so - fittingly enough - on GM's Day? Moreover, did you know that his passing is the only thing that could make a lolcat utterly despondent? Didn’t think so.

DnD Kitteh iz sad


Jephso said...

Thanks for the shoutout Z. Much appreciated!

Z. said...

Glad to do it, brother! :)

Matt said...

"YTCracker is seeking to help G4 reclaim its former glory"

Are you sure you meant reclaim? Exactly when did the channel have any glory at all? They're like the TV version of Wired. I figure you're either using a really loose definition of glory, or you're talking about Tech TV.

And trust me, if the Baltimore show happens, there will be a write up. Now, whether that write up ends up here, Headphone, or the 'pedia is an open question. What would you like to open the bidding at? Doesn't have to be cash, so feel free to get creative. :)

Matt said...

Upon further consideration, I would like to retract the following statement,

"They're like the TV version of Wired"

While I'm no fan of Wired, they really didn't deserve that. In all their years they've accidentally been relevant once or twice.

G4 is just a marvel that it is still on the air. I guess even Halo fans occasionally have to turn their consoles off and watch a little TV.

/runs for the fucking hills.

Z. said...

Oh, Matthew, you failed to note the "(?)" after that statement. I was merely being facetious. ;)

Anthony said...

thanks for the shout out once again Z! also just thought i would mention that "The Owl Post" link is slightly messed up. and also, i just posted news on the new Jay Tholen album, hit it up! I can't believe after having a new favorite album in Shnabubula that another completely epic chiptunes album would come out so fast! Jay's new album is about a zombie apocalypse =D