Monday, March 03, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

I try to do good. I honestly do. Sometimes it just doesn’t pan out.

Last week, acting on the urgings of a number of Radio Free Hipster listeners, I submitted the podcast to iTunes. I figured it would make it easier for y’all and it might even bring in a few new listeners. (Sure, I’d have to deal with mocking, sub-literate reviews from every yahoo with an account, but such is life.)

The submission process was painless enough, but it was almost immediately rejected.

I can only imagine it had something to do with that magical mixture of profanity and copyright infringement upon which the podcast is based. Apparently, I’m just not iTunes material.

The resubmission process seems to involve me changing some information within the RSS feed and trying to trick iTunes into giving me another shot, which, honestly, sounds like a lot of work. I’ll try and get to that at some point in the foreseeable future because my stats show that most RFH listeners use that app, but I’ve got other fish to fry at present.

In the meantime, the handful of you that use Podcast Alley – who were more than happy to accept my feed submission, I might add – should feel free to review the show over there.

Likewise, anyone wishing to speak their piece about this humble blog can direct their adulation and/or venom at my listing over at Blogged.
  • Nerds heart Violet: The always delightful Violet Blue has posted a handful of her favorite nerdcore videos over at her blog Tiny Nibbles. Included among them is her preferred selection from mc chris’s recent “Nrrrd Grrrl” video contest. Violet also gives some love to Radio Free Hipster favorite Schaffer the Darklord and a number of other notable nerdlinders. I demand that you all reciprocate!
  • The Viking of Rap: Nerdy rhyme-slinger extraordinaire and all-around great guy MC Lars took some time last week to let fans know what he’s been doing since the 2006 release of The Graduate. The answer: lots of stuff. Most importantly, Lars confirmed the speculation that his next album will drop later this year. I, for one, can’t wait.
  • It’s an Oddworld: Game music composer Michael Bross recently made the multitracks for one of the songs from the Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath soundtrack available for remixers. Bross was kind enough to pass this info along to Anthony of GM4A who was, in turn, nice enough to pass it on to me. I’m now telling you about it, thus keeping this chain of nerdy love intact. You can grab the “Fighting Outlaws” multitracks at Michael’s site.
  • Myf’s got a story to tell: After a brief hiatus (due to some recording issues), Myf is back with a vengeance! He just dropped a rough mix of a new joint called “Pieces (It All Falls)” over at Rhyme Torrents, and you simply must check it out. Moreover, Myf’s promised “a lot of new stuff now that everything works again.” This is indeed good news.
  • RPM Challenge Round-up: As I mentioned previously, several notable nerdcore artists participated in last month’s RPM Challenge, and now the time has come to bask in the glory of their collective artistic outcome. DJ Snyder and Entity created the phenomenal Calvin & Hobbes album, which combines smart hip-hop and ample guest stars to create an affair to remember. Redvoid and funky49 again activated their Wonder Twin powers to create another Superfiends release; Prestidigichillitation is a concept album designed to “comment on the state of life in the Western world but locate the true nature of the self amidst the chaos and greed of modern life.” And lastly, Emergency Pizza Party came through with their most compelling release to date Ughuuhghhhh, which sees the group recapture their former glory as Florida’s most surreal geeky rap trio.
  • And yet I do it alone: In other new release news, Hand’Solo is offering to sell early bird copies of their new release Aging is What Friends Do Together (technically not due out until mid-April) to interested parties. The price is $15 payable via PayPal or money order/certified check, and that includes mailing costs within North America. Info and links to sample tracks can be found at RT.
  • Celebuglies is the word of the week: mc chris’s much talked-about track with Talib Kweli is now available for your listening pleasure. Check out “Screamin (feat. mc chris)” at the Idle Warship MySpace. For those not familiar with IW, it’s a musical project of Talib and Res that focuses heavily on the modern American fascination with celebrities and their often troubled lives. Check it out.
  • Everybody’s stoked: Are you excited about SXSW? Of course you are! Church points out that the certified “docu-geeks” at the Second Skin blog are particularly excited about the premiere of the MC Frontalot documentary Nerdcore Rising. What? You’re particularly excited about it too? What are the odds?!
  • I promised I wouldn’t get heavy on this joint: Random will also be in Austin this week for SXSW. On Friday, March 7th he’ll be at - wait for it - the Second Skin movie premier, the film featuring his track “Grow Up,” at the Austin Convention Center Theater at 9:00 PM. And on Saturday, March 8th he’ll be performing at The Music Gym Lounge at 6:00 PM.
  • Apparently, he likes Harry Potter: Last week that bastion of nerdy musical excellence Penny Arcade finally acknowledged the unmitigated badassery of Wizard Rock. While Tycho admits that he’s unable to work any more bands into the program for this year’s PAX concert, this could be a sign that some Wrock may make its way into future events. Wait… Gabe and Tycho like nerdcore, mash-ups, and Wrock, and yet they don’t listen to RFH?! Probably because it ain't listed in iTunes. ;)
  • The year in Wrock: Leave it to Matt to remind us that the results from the 2008 Wizrocklopedia People’s Choice Awards are in. Fervent congratulations go out to The Remus Lupins and The Moaning Myrtles for multiple wins as well as to The Whomping Willows for snagging the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Just him: UK Wrocker Peeved, whom I mentioned last week, has just been interviewed over at Marisha's Wrockin Meet the Band's Journal. Peeved a really interesting cat – not to mention an incredibly talented musician – so head on over and take a look. Marisha’s also got a ton of other great Wrock interviews over at her place as well, so be sure to hang out and take ‘em all in.
  • Everything's shiny, Cap'n.: In one final piece of Wizard Rock news, Lauren (of the aforementioned Moaning Myrtles) has a new track on her MySpace player called “Engines Make Me Hot.” It’s about Kaylee from Firefly, and it’s pretty much the bestest song ever. So, for continuing the grand tradition of Wrockers covering non-Wrock topics, not to mention her amazing piece of Cheap Trick filk, I award Lauren these Internets. May she do with them as she pleases.
  • Your Heart’s in Your: To take us home today, here’s a little behind the scenes piece from the shoot of the as-yet-to-materialize video for The Grammar Club’s “Heart Tits.” It was filmed by the PBC crew in September of last year in Brooklyn. It features lots of dancing. Mostly by Shael. It’s a good time.


funky49 said...

Dude, so I'm old school because I right-click and Save As for my HiPlease podcasts???

good luck getting hooked up into iTunes bro!

Z. said...

funk, you are a man after my own hear.t It wasn't until a couple of months ago that I actually started subscribing to podcast feeds myself. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note, Z. Yeah, things have been bleak over here, but hopefully I'll be getting back into gear and releasing some new stuff soon. As for MMI, hopefully some jumper cables. We've been out in the cold for a while. :D


Z. said...

Always glad to hear new stuff from you, Myf. I'm hoping y'all can locate SDX at some point and get MMI album truly underway. :)

Matt said...

You know, we really need more Firefly Rock. Just thought I'd mention that.

And of course, I completely missed the cut off to kick even more WRock news. I guess I need to start reading myspace at work?

Z. said...

There are a lot of Browncoats, Matt. Let's just hope some more of them are as talented as Lauren.

Denika said...

I may have missed some critical understanding of what it is to subscribe to the RFH podcast through iTunes but I get it at work through iTunes.

Z. said...

Yeah, Den, you can subscribe to RFH (or any podcast with a i-friendly feed) through iTunes, they just refuse to list it in the podcast section of the iTunes store. That would make it searchable within their index and a lot easier for, say, someone who was looking for a podcast about nerdcore hip-hop to find me. You don't have to be listed in the store or anything, it just seemed like a nice way to maybe pick up a few new listeners.

Denika said...

Please excuse my idiocy. :/

Matt said...

Don't sweat it, I made the same comment when Z first started talking about this.