Friday, May 04, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

This has been a great week for me with regard to television. This week's episodes of Heroes, Lost, and Scrubs were all fan-fuggin'-tastic. And that's good, 'cause TV has been my only brief respite from the toils of the various and sundry projects in which I've been enthralled.

How a man as unabashedly lazy as me can manage to have so much to do is... Well, it's damned near counterintuitive!

But enough of tales of my boring personal life. The time has come for More Nerd News in Brief.

  • The Scissor Sisters: Nerdy musician Glenn Case recently clipped off nearly a foot of his hair for donation to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces for disadvantaged children suffering from long-term hair loss due to causes such as alopecia and chemotherapy treatment. Check out Glenn's MySpace for before, during, and after pics, and be sure to say a kind word to the man for his altruism.
  • When Yo-Yos attack: Anyone within driving distance of St. Paul, MN should be aware that Doc Popular is serving as a featured performer at the 18th Annual MONDO Jugglefest. The good Doctor will be teaching some workshops and performing on the main stage. Skill toy debauchery will surely abound.
  • You down with RPG?: At this weekend's JACON in Orlando, Rocket Propelled Geeks will be hosting a panel about nerdcore. It's slated to begin at 4:00 PM on Saturday. Afterwards, interested nerds are invited to go out drinking/carousing, and then eventually to see Spider-Man 3.
  • They'll give love back: For you folks a little further West, Oddioblender recently announced that he and his band will be playing a Battle of the Bands at Dreamworld in Arlington, TX that same Saturday. He even provided a map. It's an all-ages show, so go support your boy and feel free to bring the kiddies. Show 'em some love!
  • "Punk bands who have [fallen] in in love with me":Hot on the heals of the recent Mediocre Tour, nerdcore's foremost Whitesican is planning another, larger tour throughout the summer with regional punkers Better of Naked and Bomb Threat Wednesday. When pressed for info, Beefy said, "Sadly I don't have too many details besides it starts in Santa Cruz on June 18th." I'll happily pass on more info as it becomes available.
  • Once more, with feeling: Lastly, after following the story in a manner so delightfully obsessive as to only be appreciated by me (and... y'know... him), my pal Church has made his own "Oh Nine, Eff Nine" video. Take a gander, and let its hypnotic qualities see you through to another wonderful weekend.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

w00t! I do love seeing my stuff on other people's sites. It's a sort of voyeuristic narcissism.

So much happening... somewhere else :(

Thanks for the Locks of Love link. It's about time for my summer shearing, and I might as well put it to good use.

Z0mbie Gamer G33k said...

Man i hope Beefy comes back to Seattle... AND i hope i hear about it more than like an hour before the show starts this time. I have missed him TWICE since moving here and if that number rises to THREE i may have to burn myself in effigey. Thanks for the heads up mi prala.

-Z0mbie Gamer G33k

Z. said...

It’s a great vid, Church. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yeah, tons of excellent stuff this weekend, and none of it near me! :(

And I’ll be sure to post all the Beefy tour info for ya, 7R01!

Z0mbie Gamer G33k said...

There's been a lot of loose talk about who The Man is lately. This person is The Man, that person is The Man. I want to clear all the confusion up rigth now. Z you are without a doubt, The Man(tm)!!!


Z. said...

Thanks for clearing that up, bro. Truth be told, I’ve had quite a few folks ask me as to the identity of this “The Man” of late, and I had to plead ignorance. There’ll be no more of that shit, as now I have been enlightened! It is I! :D

Steffo said...

Two things, Spider-Man 3 can kiss my ass and I want that "Rip Me" shirt. Awesome video, Church.

ChurchHatesTucker said...

Steffo and Z, thanks, that means a lot.

And Z, sorry for sticking it to you all these years. I had no idea.

Z. said...

Yeah, Steffo, I haven't bothered to see it, but mc seemed pretty disappointed about Spider-Man 3 as well.

And it's okay, Church; it comes with the territory. ;)

Antisoc said...

Z is "The Man" that's been keeping us down all these years? I find that very hard to believe. ;)

Z. said...

My reach and scope are expansive; my motivations unclear. Fear me. ;)