Thursday, May 03, 2007

Making my money work for… us

So apparently - totally unbeknownst to me - I recently took part in Paypal’s Spring promotion. I won’t bore you with the details, but bottom line: I just got a $15 credit to my account. Suffice it to say, that shit didn’t last long.

(I know right now most of you are wondering why, exactly, you should give a damn, but bear with me; it’ll become relevant momentarily.)

There have been a few notable nerdcore releases of late, and, sadly, I’ve been a little lax in picking them up. I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to remedy these oversights.

Therefore, I just ordered “Secrets from the Future” by the venerable MC Frontalot and “International Metamorphosis” by those delightful friends of Hipster, please! The Goondocks.

But wait. There’s more.

I also bit the bullet and picked up Optimus Rhyme’s first album. I really needed a copy in my collection anyway.

The grand total out o' pocket for this mini shopping spree? $23, which ain’t bad at all for three disks I know I'm gonna love.

This, of course, means that multiple tracks from each of these releases will be making their way into upcoming editions of the podcast.

That way we all win!


Z0mbi Gamer G33k said...

"they were giving away free flags..."

"Yes, everyone got what they wanted!"

Barnaby Jones & Killface

i'm the only guy who watched this show, aren't i? either way, good news on the PayPal victory man...

-Z0mbi Gamer G33k

Z. said...

Yup. Just you, bro. ;)

I get entirely too excited about scoring free music.

Antisoc said...

I Hate Your Blog is the best song ever. It will probably remain so for about another month.