Friday, March 23, 2007

Concerning Anniversaries

Next month marks the legitimate one-year anniversary of Hipster, please! Sure this blog was around for a bit before that, but it was mostly just me fucking about, a lonely man-child trying to find his place in this big ol' Internet.

Once I settled on a tangible purpose, I began working. Alone.

If you'd asked me back then where I'd be with this project a year later, I would've remarked the same: alone.

I would've been greatly mistaken.

Some people actually read this blog. It's a fact I try to deny, but I know it to be true. And though their number is far from legion, they are – you are – good, decent, nerdy people whom I appreciate greatly. But there's more than that.

Hipster, please! has become, I'm both pleased and surprised to say, a legitimate team effort. Fine folks like Beefy and Antisocial provide me with storage space and bandwidth for Radio Free Hipster for no other reason than to help out. I'm also fortunate to have new friends like Denika, Church, and Matt who share with me their music, pass on tips concerning nerd news happenings, and are always quick to hip me to any new artists they happen to come across, and old homies like my boy BrĂ¼x helping to keep me on top of events that I couldn't possibly attend myself.

I guess what I'm saying is that Hipster, please! wouldn't be possible without all of you. Whether you're a reader or a direct contributor, I humbly thank you for your time and for making the past year so damn much fun. You're too good to me.

But there's one person who helps more (in a way that is both more palpable and more nebulous) than anyone else, and that's my wife Em. Now, as a rule, she doesn't read the blog – hell, the odds of her actually reading this are slim, at best – and she has only the vaguest idea what, exactly , it is I do when it comes to my writing. Still, she supports me, even though the concept is foreign to her.

She works harder than I do and makes more of a financial contribution to our little family, but she never gives me any shit about it. As I'm whiling away my lunch hour in my little office, ignoring my real duties in favor of trading emails with Dan or YTCracker or adjusting my podcast's track list, she's busting her ass dealing with new mommies and even newer babies. In more ways than one, her hard work affords me the opportunity to do this – writing about music – which is what I long to do.

Interestingly enough, our five-year wedding anniversary is today, and, even though she probably won't see this, it seemed important to mark that celebration as well.

It's just nice to realize that the solitary task that I set for myself is not nearly as solitary as I thought.

I'm no braggart. I don't like to boast, but I am full aware that I'm a very lucky man.

Hopefully, I'll find some novel ways to celebrate Hipster, please!'s first birthday. I've got a couple ideas in the works already.

And as for celebrating the wedding anniversary? Five words: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie.

What can I say? Y'all know I'm a huge nerd!


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Congrats Z & M! (& HP!)

Z. said...

We're one big ol' happy family! :D

matt s said...

Wow, you found a woman who will not only put up with you for 5 years, but will spend her anniversary watching the TMNT movie?

Does she have a sister?

Seriously, congrats!

Z. said...

‘Fraid not, Matt, but the state of Coahuila is full o’ cousins! ;)

Zombie Gamer G33k said...

Congrats (or as my droogs on WoW say, Conga Rats!) mi prala, and happy anniversary! Here's to many more years...

-Zombie Gamer G33k

Z. said...

Thanks, ZGG!

darth_apu said...

congrats on your one & five year. did you secretly plot to coincide your anniversary with ric ocasek's birthday? that's what makes you the man.
love 2 u & em & x.

Z. said...

Shhhhhhhh! Em’s already figured out that the kid is named after the frontman from Cheap Trick; the last thing I need is for her to know our wedding was just a veiled Cars reference. ;)

Steffo said...

When do I get to pop out of this cake damn it!?!

Sooo coldddd...

Z. said...

Just a bit longer, Steffo. Just a bit longer.

luzid said...

Congrats on the nearly-dual anniversaries, Z! Keep up the good work, I'm one of those (new) fans. Of your blog, I mean, not your marriage, though I'm sure that's very nice too. :)

Btw, Thursday's show at the Whisky rocked, and I made it a point to personally let your zombie friends Dennis and Denika (from Vagrant Aesthetic) know that you wished you could be there. They seemed happy to be thought of by you. :)

I wrote up a little piece on how welcoming the NCHH community is to n00bs like me. It's posted over at the forums for your reading pleasure.

Enjoy the movie, and let us know how it is! David Abrahmz over at the forums liked it a lot; apparently, it's slightly more mature than past TMNT incarnations.

(And speaking of being a big nerd, remember the Palladium TMNT roleplaying game? I used to play the HELL out of that in high school.)

ChurchHatesTucker said...

My registration at NCHH is waiting to be approved, so I'll say it here; Nice writeup, luzid. I'm with you on the beefs. Hopefully, I'll be able to write up something on some show some time...

Luzid said...

Thanks, CHS! :) I stand by every word. Them NCHH folks are good people.

Z. said...

Thanks, Luzid, Dennis and Denika are the epitome of the phrase good people. I very much enjoyed your post at RT, and I’m really pleased to hear that someone else has a genuinely positive opinion of the scene as a whole. I got some science concerning the TMNT movie that I reckon I’ll drop next week, and I too was a huge fan of the old Palladium game. We ran an “After the Bomb” campaign for ages!

Yeah ,Church, Attackslug had to verify all new accounts manually, so it makes the process take a while when he gets backed up. The forums were overrun with spam for a while there, and that seemed like the easiest solution.

Steve said...


Research shows that the traditional 5 year wedding anniversary gift is wood.

Z, in all honesty, I hope you give you wife wood for your 5 year anniversary.



Denika said...

Damnit. I made a comment yesterday and it looked like it got in but of course it didn't. Well any way congrats on the 5 years. Dennis and I have settled on celebrating engagement anniversaries for the last 4 years!

We were definitley pleased to receive your salutations from Luzid :) I just posted the posted the pics from LA on my Flickr LA Show

Z. said...

And the award for best innuendo goes to… funky49! Thanks, Steve. ;)

Hey, just appreciate you thinking of me and the missus, Denika. :D Great pics!