Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

I try to adequately space my NNIB segments. The last thing I want to do is overload anyone with nerdy news. Still, my Inbox overfloweth. And thus, I present to you More Nerd News in Brief – early edition.

  • Goddamn you half-Japanese girls : Fans rejoice, for J-nerdcore princess Rai has just informed me of the immanent release of her double A-side Internet single “Mechanical World”/”Sleeping Forest.” The official drop date is currently set for April 1 st , and the MP3s (as well as some promo pictures) will be available first on Rai's LJ and later at Rhyme Torrents. Special thanks to for Weezer for writing that title line for me and for Rai for finally making it relevant! ;)
  • Timbaland, don't you understand?: Always on the cutting edge of, y'know, shit the rest of us were talking about months ago, Wired magazine has recently elected to post an article on the Timbaland/Tempest thing. Snide shots at Wired aside, the piece has a pretty nice timeline of the events that have transpired thus far. Big up to my pal Church for hipping me to this.
  • “Nerd music” and “search engine” and not furries: Speaking of my Internet homies, Glenn over at Nerd-Music has added the Google Co-op Nerd Search engine to his site's sidebar. The project itself is still in the works, and if you'd care to contribute to the effort just let the man know.
  • Depleting his new music fund for a good cause: In other nerd music blogger news, my bro Matt (from Headphone Sacrament) just dropped some knowledge concerning Wrockers The Whomping Willows' charity auction for First Book. Up for grabs are original drafts of the band's song lyrics, songwriting brainstorming notes, a CD featuring demo versions of some songs from the group's new record, and exclusive photos from the studio. What's more, Matt has agreed to match the winning bid with a donation of equal value out of his own pocket. What a guy!!! More info is available here.
  • And SC gets the shaft!: Projected dates for the southern/eastern leg of MC Frontalot's forthcoming tour are as follows: Saturday 4/28/2007 Phoenix, Sunday 4/29/2007 Tucson, Monday 4/30/2007 Albuquerque, Tuesday 5/1/2007 Off, Wednesday 5/2/2007 Austin, Thursday 5/3/2007 Houston, Friday 5/4/2007 Off, Saturday 5/5/2007 Memphis, Sunday 5/6/2007 Atlanta, Monday 5/7/2007 Chapel Hill, Tuesday 5/8/2007 Richmond, and Wednesday 5/9/2007 Baltimore/DC . Though certainly not set in stone, if you'd care to join Frontalot's street team for any of the above dates and plastered your region with flyers, instructions for contacting Front can be found here.


Matt S said...

Um... Are there any places to play live in SC? It occurs to me that I can't think of a single venue in SC. I can come up with at least a dozen venues in NC and GA, but SC is escaping me.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the link.

Z. said...

Actually, Front launched his last tour in Spartanburg, SC at a punk bar called Ground Zero. No prob on the link, Matt, I think it’s very cool that you’re getting your philanthropy on! :D

ChurchHatesTucker said...

I'm finally going to get to see the Front? Pinch me! (Not there.)

Kudos to Matt. It's a great cause.

Z. said...

Front AND Lars! And who knows who else? I believe that area is myf’s stomping ground as well.

Zombie Gamer Geek said...

yaaaay Rai!!!


-Zombie Gamer G33k

Z. said...

I somehow knew you'd be thrilled. ;)

Matt S said...

A quick check of Jambase shows that I forgot the Poor House in Charleston. I knew I had to be forgetting some place. Still, that's kind of weak.

Z, I think you need to open a club in SC.

That and you should bypass Chapel Hill and Richmond, and come see the show in DC/Baltimore. I know for a fact that it is only about 5 hours from Greenville, NC to DC. Or, go to all three shows (or is that the Deadhead in me?)

Z. said...

Opening my own club may be a bit of a lofty aspiration for me, Matt, but Front and co. are always welcome to play the Z. family garage! ;)

I actually had my eye on the Atlanta show, but that’s still up in the air. I’ll have to give thought to making a trip to DC, but I reckon that’ll be a hard sell to the wife.

Denika said...

Damn, someone beat me to the "Yay Rai!!!" T_T

Z. said...

I think that bears repeating, Denika. :D

Rai said...

Yay Rai!!!

Z. said...

Yay you!!! XD