Thursday, March 22, 2007

Help a brother out!

Matt just let me know that, in response to a recent run o’ bad financial luck, a gent named Eric Burns is currently auctioning off a hefty portion of his worldly belongings via Ebay. This is of interest to you, the nerdly public for two reasons:
  1. Eric is, for the initiated, the fellow behind Websnark, where one goes to read witty things about the sometimes less-than witty world of Webcomics. He’s a fellow blogger and, more importantly, a fellow nerd.
  2. Many of the items he is currently auctioning are tabletop RPG sourcebooks and the like. He’s looking to make a deal, and that stuff is normally ridiculously expensive. Trust me; I walked into my local Boardwalk and Park Place yesterday on a lark and summarily shit a proverbial brick when I accidentally glimpsed a price sticker.
If you’ve got a minute and want to peruse Mr. Burns’ tale of woe, please check it out. And if you’re in the market to make a steal on some geeky swag thanks to another man’s misfortune, then have at it!


matt S said...

Eric not only collects RPG books, he's also written a few as well. He's done some work in the Star Trek RPG world and has written a few things for Steve Jackson Games.

Honestly, if folks haven't checked out Websnark, you're missing out. When I heard Beefy's Webcomic Junkie and realized that he didn't name check either Narbonic (BEST. COMIC. EVER.) or Websnark, I knew he was just fronting.

Z. said...

I’m’a hafta disagree and say that Scary Go Round is the best Webcomic ever, but, y’know, opinions and arseholes. ;)