Friday, October 07, 2011

The Truth about Cats and Dogs

Apparently it's a creepy music video kinda week, and I'm wrapping it up with something that MC Lars passed my way just yesterday. The track in question is the haunting "Amateur Rocketry" by rootsy indie rocker Dan Wholey, but its link to the House of Horris concerns the video itself.

This fancy, freaky, Freudian little piece of eye-candy was animated by Brooklyn's Awesome and Modest whose Sean Donnelly also directed the video for Lars's own "Ahab." This one is, admittedly, less about fake beards and cheerful children on a cardboard boat, and more about the maturation of a relationship. And also vagina-portals.

Still, it's a great song with some genuinely interesting visual accompaniment, so take a gander. If you like what you see/hear, you can hit up the creators via Bandcamp and the Awesome and Modest site.

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