Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Death of Me

It's the Halloween season, my nerdy friends, and that means I will be dazzling you with holiday-appropriate songs and videos throughout the month of October. I hope.

We shall kick shit off with the latest from Superpowerless. Okay, admittedly it's a Muse cover, which isn't exactly what one would likely term frightening, but there's a certain subtle creepiness. Plus the associated video is chock-full of footage cribbed from classic films Plan 9 from Outer Space and Attack of the Monsters.

Give it a gander, and then head over the YouTubes to like it or favorite it or comment or do whatever the hell it is that you kids are into these days.


Tom B. said...

This is great! I hadn't heard of Superpowerless before, but they're on my list now.

Z. said...

If you like this, Tom, definitely check out Superpowerless's other stuff as well as the duo Tetrastar.