Friday, September 30, 2011

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 118: The Who Knew Mixtape

So apparently the concept of a bunch of guys getting spectacularly drunk and recording it on the internet is inherently flawed.

Yeah, I know; I'm as surprised as you!

When I started Drunken Podcasting Month some 4 years ago I knew it came with some risks, and the chief among those - aside from, y'know, liver damage - was a unique set of technological hurdles. Even when dead sober, a Skype call can be positively fraught with problems.

This year the boys and I managed to hit that perfect level of intoxication wherein the conversation was fun and fierce, but, sadly, not all of the recordings of that evening's festivities survived intact. I salvaged most of it, but not quite enough to do the episode justice.

Therefore I present to you this unexpected mixtape show. It's not what I wanted, but I reckon it'll do.

The musical selections are, if I do say so myself, superb, and I'm pretty sure if you just get sloshed while listening to it you'll have as much fun as we did.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 118: The Who Knew Mixtape [hosting provided by Antisoc] Size: 90.5 MB Running Time: 57:01 Subscribe to RFH

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
Were Beefy and Spellah drunk when they recorded this track? Probably not, but they should've been.

Track 1: Illbotz - "Jesus Gave Me Water (But What I Wanted was a PBR)"
I've been waiting forever to play this one!

Track 2: Toolshed - "Irish Car Bomb Pt. 2"
This is another track I've been saving specifically for Drunken Podcasting Month.

Track 3: Hypnotic Clambake - "Tie Dye"
Matt made this very special song request. That explains the distinct hippy undertones. ;)

Track 4: Community dialog / DJ Le Clown - "Evil Whisky Bar"
I've been watching a lot of Community lately. If you haven't been, shame on you!

Track 5: Mikey Mason - "Too Fat To Troop"
At some point I began working food-related songs into the drunken podcast. I don't remember why, exactly, but in my defense I was probably drunk.

Track 6: The ThoughtCriminals - "Liquid Happy (Live)"
I played the studio version of this cut a few episodes back, but I thought this live take worked well within this show.

Track 7: Community dialog / YTCracker - "I Got the Product"
You can buy drugs on the internet! For reals!

Track 8: Mary Prankster - "Breakfast"
Another one of Matt's selection. Mary is sort of a DPM tradition.

Track 9: Torrentz - "Cereal (A Day in the Life) [feat. Mr. Spastic, Klopfenpop, C0splay, and Marc with a C]"
I know some folks disagree, but I love Marc's weird twee pop part at the end.

Track 10: Marc Gunn - "Monahan's Mudder's Milk (Firefly Song)"
This one's for Church. I'd played it previously on my GeekDad podcast, but this is its Radio Free Hipster debut.

Track 11: The Doubleclicks - "Worst.Superpower.EVER."
Apropos of nothing, I really like The Doubleclicks. A lot.

Track 12: Edison - "Armetis versus the City"
My pal Larry sent this one my way. It is an ideal track for those in need of chill music.

Track 13: Soup or Villainz - "Keyz"
This one's just in here for fun. It's SoV's take on crunk. And it is fuckin' infectious.

Track 14: Alex S. - "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Intro (Alex S. Glitch Remix)"
Jarod passed this one my way for inclusion in the ep. It's another great example of music from the brony community.

Track 15: DJ Paul V. - "Tequila Lip Gloss"
A repeat track from way the hell back in episode 39.

Track 16: Southside - "Cheeseburger (with Billy the Fridge)"
Another food song. This one by two of my favorite Seattle acts.

Track 17: Community dialog / nYgel - "Closing Time [Semisonic]"
nYgel continues to make some of my favorite pop remixes.

Track 18: Ilysabeth - "Fluttershys - MLP Fireflies Parody"
Church specifically asked to end the show on this one. In our original (drunken) conversation, he also waxed poetic about bronies and Friendship is Magic. It was epic.

Even though their contributions didn't make it into the show-proper, my sincerest thanks go out to Matt, Church, Jason and the lovely ladies of Social Knitworking. Thanks to you folks this was the best Drunken Podcasting Month celebration yet, and my only regret is that I couldn't share it with the rest of the nerd world.

Next up are my twin Halloween-themed episodes in October and my annual holiday and year-end wrap-up shows in December.

What will November hold? I have no idea. So feel free to hit me up with your suggestions and requests and whatnot.


Jason said...

I hope you at least managed to get salvageable audio of Matt's Lawnmower Man impersonation. That gave me nightmares – but the good kind! (You know, good nightmares.)

Z. said...

That I don't think I got. Your explanation of the Boston accent, on the other hand... ;)

Stevie D said...

Nice podcast my friend! Glad you included "Jesus Gave Me Water!" Haha! We'll have to do that just for you when we play Charlotte! Love "Liquid Happy" and "Keyz" cracks me up every time I hear it. You the best Z!

Z. said...

Yeah, I think y'all owe me an a cappella joint when you come to town. ;) And I still gotta get you cats the audio of Twiggy singing the hook from "Stank Ass Rappas."

Shannon said...

Great work! Thanks as always for bringing some new music to our souls.

Shannon & Loretta

alienbobz said...

Great mixtape. Too bad the drunkness was lost. Also good choice on the last song Church. That is one of my favorite original MLP related songs.

Z. said...

Thanks, Shannon and Jarod. And I agree that Church pulled out a great closer!