Monday, October 10, 2011

Go Get 'Em

I was actually planning to save this one for the next podcast (which should drop later this week) due partly to the fact that it ably closes out the second set and also because I kinda went video crazy last week. Still, this is an excellent slice of musical film-making that I think you'll enjoy. Plus with the premiere of The Walking Dead's second season less than a week away it is mad relevant.

So sit back and enjoy this zombie-centered public service announcement featuring the talents of Buck 65, Buck 65 and Buck 65:

Hat tip to my pal Selfhelp for this one.


Secret Cloud said...

Glad I could tip you off on this one. Great video & song from a Canadian rap legend!

Z. said...

It's really some amazing work! Been watching that video on a near constant loop for days now.

Bonehand said...

"One weird thing is they're excellent dancers..." Hahaha, awesome.

Z. said...

I gotta say, Steve, the dance breakdown is a highlight.