Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's been a big week for music videos, which is to say that it's been one of those weeks when half the messages that make their way into my inbox have YouTube links. And that's not a bad thing.

This, of course, leaves me to collect all these disparate images and compile them lovingly into a single blog post – which you are now reading.

First up is another slice of "rural American rap" from Indiana MC id obelus, or more specifically from his project Creatures of Habit. The single is called "#Swagriculture," and it's a lyrical challenge to fame-obsessed rappers of all stripes. The video was recording using a novel approach, specifically an iPad 2 and the 8mm app, and the track itself is presently available for any price point via Bandcamp.

Yet another slice of syncretic hip-hop combines the uniquely urban sensibilities of rap with a dash of down-home flair, though in this case there's also an interesting sci-fi twist. Of course I'm talking about "Leaf on the Wind," the song at the center of the second video teaser for The Browncoats Mixtape. The almost breathless delivery of Adam WarRock's vocals coupled with the sparseness of the beat is a bit jarring at first, but there's something in there that serves to make it gel perfectly with kHill's delicate chorus. Also, R.I.P. Wash. :(

The next video features a similar sneak peek into the latest from otaku rap favorite Ultraklystron. It includes snippets of 11 songs from the upcoming nerdcore album Animatic, not to mention slice-of-life photos from throughout his career. More info is available at Karl's official site, and new listeners are encouraged to peruse his back catalog (including a new best-of comp) over at Bandcamp.

And a last minute addition comes to us from UK sometimes-solo-act-sometimes-duo-now-suddenly-a-quartet Superpowerless. It's a parody of "My Moment" by infamous pop princess Rebecca Black with a distinct Where the Wild Things Are slant. It's entitled "My Wolf Suit," and eschews Superpowerless's usual chiptune leanings for a more synth-pop feel.


Anonymous said...

More Nerd Music: chasing Chewbacca!

id obelus said...

thanks z! ...for the feature and for always sharing the good stuff! you're awesome!

Z. said...

Sweet! New shit from The Browncoats! Thank you, anonymous stranger.

And my pleasure, id!