Monday, August 22, 2011

Sleazy Listening

We're scarcely half a day into the workweek, and I, for one, am already having trouble staying motivated. I imagine that this not an isolated incident, so I'll share with you the one thing keeping me going right now.

Spoiler alert: it's music.

My brothers Steve and Gord, of Ye Olde Bonebat Show, have assembled their own survey of musical nerdery from the Pacific Northwest. It includes Supercommuter, Klopfenpop, Southside and Billy the Fridge, boasting many-a live cut from the one and only AlienBobZ. Definitely check that shit out. And would it kill ya to subscribe?

Also, if you're a less-talk-more-rock kinda cat, Chip Banger Records has just released The Gameboy Adventure by French chip artist Flip-Flop. It marks the debut release from the Marseille native, and it is five songs of charging beats and crazy-ass 8-bit energy. It’s also a name-your-own-price release at Bandcamp, so go check it out and maybe toss a couple of dollars euros Flip-Flop's way.

Go, and sin no more.


Bonehand said...

Dude, you are WAAYYYY too kind.

Z. said...

Not at all, man. I just like to acknowledge awesome. :)

Jarod said...

Yeah seriously thanks Z! Also thanks again to Bonehand for interviewing me in the first place!

Z. said...

My pleasure, Jarod.