Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Real (Drunk) World

This weekend see what happens when a godless socialist and a godlike sociopath stop being polite and start getting real. Yes, once again Curtis "Hi, Ho" Silver and I will be manning the GeekDad table at Orlando's annual Nerdapalooza festival. This year, however, we will have a real table with real merch, not to mention a camera setup for artist interviews and (hopefully) adequate beer money.

So if you'd like a GeekDad tee for yourself or, say, your geeky dad, come on by and see us. Hell, come on by and see us anyway, as it gets lonely sitting at a folding table all weekend.

I reckon it's also worth noting that I'll also have Hipster, please! stickers and badges available on the off chance anyone would care to pay/barter/beg for 'em. I'll also have my field recorder on-hand to capture audio for my post-Nerdapalooza wrap-up edition of Radio Free Hipster. I'll likely be hassling performers, event coordinators and attendees for sound bites to use in the show, so if you're positively dying to say something to the RFH audience – or if you'd just like to record an "I'm [blank] from [blank] and you're listening to Radio Free Hipster"-style drop – please feel free to chase me down and demand you're time on the mic.

See you in Orlando, internet!

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