Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#NAP2011 was an Inside Job

Photo/bead sprite by @madhattersez
I'm dying to share with you my impressions of Nerdapalooza 2011, but it's proving rather difficult. Right now most of my memories are indistinct, amorphous. (And not just because of the booze.)

I think I'm still a little too close to the event itself.

I remember once going to the Dali museum in St. Pete and looking up at The Hallucinogenic Toreador on its original, full-size canvas. All I saw was flies, fabric and arches until I stepped back and took the whole thing in from a distance.

The same principle's at play here, and I should be able to relate the overall experience better in a couple of days when I've achieved that optimum distance.

For now, though, I'd like to reveal a subset of my notes from the event. They were tucked away on their own little page under the heading "Inside Jokes." If you weren't there they probably won't mean much, and even if you were some will still miss their mark. Shit, there are a couple of 'em even I don't understand, so consider this a rough experiment. Or better yet my own fragmented attempt at gonzo journalism.
  • Drinky Time with Shael and Z.
  • "Cover your shame and your nipples with this fine quality t-shirt!"
  • The ever-living cookie meme
  • "[X] do you know [Y]?"
  • Matching faces with screen names
  • "Z. is away being a social butterfly."
  • Sexy elevator voice
  • The utter debauchery of the Sunni cam
  • "They also seem to aid in the abatement of hangovers, though I couldn't find that anywhere on the packaging."
  • "Give me all the bacon and eggs you have…"
  • "What could anyone possibly have against Doritos?"
  • "When I say hip, you whisper hop!"
  • MC Bagels (It ain't nothin' for him to toast a bitch!)
  • "How old is your little dude?"
  • "I expected a cowboy hat."
  • Big stage sets on the little stage
  • "The price of that man's love? Two AA batteries." 
  • "This raffle never ends!"
  • The mysterious (but probably distasteful and damn-near Faustian) Larry/Mark barter
  • "He paid his dues on the fast track, very likely using night classes and summer school."
  • Over 1000?!
  • "On three: 1-2-3 5 minutes!"
  • Attack of the tiny bass players
  • "See? That's the kind of shit that happens when white people dance."
  • A science-free weekend
  • Magic blankets

Today's wholly incomprehensible post is brought to you by the letters N-A-P and the number 1000.


MadHatter said...

Good Times. New Roman. :) Always a pleasure to see you!

Oh wow, the captcha for this comment is "fiturap."

Matt said...

"And not just because of the booze"

It is mostly because of the booze though, right? I'm going to be disappointed if you say no.

Z. said...

Indeed it is, Hatter. You and the Scrub Club family always make for great booth neighbors. :)

On Friday/early Saturday, Matt, it was *all* because of the booze. The other day and a half, though, I managed to behave myself. For the most part.

Onion said...

Having been at Nerdapalooza this year, I will state with authority that is was a truly epic weekend. The sheer volume of awesome kindness displayed by literally every artist and attendee I met was truly amazing. All of the music I saw made it evident that every single performer had brought their "A-Game". Memories were made, and relationships were forged that will never be lost. Also, I had the pleasure of meeting Z of Hipster, please!
Needless to say, we'll be back next year.

MPFM said...

Never enough time, Z. I'm too big for tears.

Schaffer the Darklord said...

I failed to secure a sufficient amount of quality Z time. It was great to see you, though...albeit mostly from a distance or in passing. :(

Z. said...

Right back atcha, Steffo. I miss you, mang! :(

We'll always have that time at the elevator, Schaffer. And next year we'll do better.

Z. said...

Well said, Onion, and I look forward to catching up at next year's event. :)