Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Take the Wheel

If you missed the triumphant first episode of the new Beefy/Shael Riley project Captain Podcast – in which case shame the fuck all over you – then you likely missed the demo for a new Beefy joint featuring the great Adam WarRock entitled "Shots." It was produced by my brother Klopfenpop using a beat cribbed from Gnarls Barkley. Oh, and it is, perhaps unsurprisingly, about drinking. So, y'know, there's really a lot to love.

Earlier this week Beef posted a more polished iteration of the track up on the YouTubes. It's not a music video, per se, but it does boast an amazing illustration from Rusty Shackles so as to give your eyeballs something to do while your earholes are treated to the musical sweetness.

I have embedded it below so as to share its subtle glory with the rest of the nerd world. And also because if you're spending time on YouTube today it is likely just to rip chiptune plagiarist oncewewererobots a new one.


Jimi said...

I really enjoyed the first Captain Podcast! And new Beefy music is always good

Z. said...

I especially like how Beefy and Shael have only committed to 5 shows. Keeps 'em from getting all overwhelmed. :)

Shael Riley said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Z. I'm glad we're only doing five shows too, so we can keep our focus on making music...for your podcast. ;)

Z. said...

As it should be, my brother. As it should be. ;)