Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nerd News in Brief

It's been quite a while since the last installment of Nerd News in Brief. In that time, much has changed. The world has moved on.

A pair of nerdy engagements were announced and Nerdapalooza 2010 has taken shape, complete with an adjusted date, a new venue and a stellar lineup. Oh yeah, and I flunked out of my own Pokewalker Fitness Challenge.

Stupid head cold!
  • Nerd Love: For those marriage-minded dorks, may I suggest one of these fine microchip rings? Seriously, though, if your special lady actually wants one of these, I suggest you make it official quickly.
  • Um… I Mean Geek Love: Syracuse's The Daily Orange published a piece last month on the Geek2Geek online dating service. And as if that's not shameful enough, the site's founder, Spencer Koppel, also splits hairs regarding geeks and nerds. Which can't be good for business. 
  • Semantics: Heidi Costello of Australia's Tweed Daily News asks if it's better to be a nerd, a geek or a dork. More importantly, she pokes holes in the accepted definitions for obviously malleable terms. Give it a look.
  • Share the Wealth: Nerdapalooza isn't the only even relying on Kickstarter funds to help get it off the ground. Chiptune aficionados are also encouraged to contribute to the new 8 Bit Weapon/Computeher Disko Apocalypse tour. Every little bit helps.
  • Better at Rapping: Speaking of tours, MC Frontalot's current cross-country undertaking seems to be going well for him and the boys. Check out this video interview from The Naked Gamers to see how our hero fairs on the lonely road, and peep this handsome mini-review of his newest musical offering from ReMixed Magazine.
  • White Now: Which, of course, brings us to this Supreme Magazine piece pointed out by our own Church H. Tucker. It concerns the fall of the white rapper, and touches on, among other things, nerdcore's inability to cross over. It's an interesting piece, and you should give it a read.
  • Split No More: From my buddy Matt comes news that prolific minimalist Wizard Rocker Split Seven Ways has elected to step away from that echelon of geek rock. More music does seem to be in the works, however, in what may well be a less despondent vein.
  • Leia Lady Leia: And from Church comes news of recently announced project Her Universe. It's the first Star Wars clothing line specifically for the ladies. Please hold your "Yellow Laser Beams" jokes until the end of the show.
  • Gigs in Space: With the earth destroyed by a massive explosion, the human race has retreated to a pair of dueling space stations. If you just found yourself thinking "That sounds like a great premise for a rock opera," you are not alone.
  • Yeah, But What's His THAC0?: This little gem also come compliments of Church. And it reminds us that in-depth statistical analysis is the quickest way to nerdy-up professional sports.
  • I Want Candy: This edition of nerd ink, is sponsored in part by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. You know how we do.
  • Six String Sorcery: On the new release front, my blogging brother Nathan Meunier has dropped his debut chiprock EP. Snag The Beacon for free from his site, and maybe toss him a dollar or three for his trouble. 
  • Haste Makes Taste: A string of amazing new tracks also comes to us compliments of last weekend's Doubles' Dash songwriting competition. These 8 mini-masterpieces are also supplemented by another stellar set from the follow-up "encore round." 
  • One Day at a Time: Not to be outdone by that ol' YTCracker, Seattleite MC Ultraklystron has just dropped a new mixtape that was recorded in a single day. It's a pretty hot little 9-tracker that's provided free of charge.
  • Roll the Tape: Meanwhile, Florida's Marc With a C has been busy hatching a contest. To coincide with the July vinyl-only re-release of his RetroLowFi collection, Marc is giving away a rare test pressing of the album. To enter, simply prove to Marc your undying love for said test pressing… uh, I mean your undying love for him via a clear visual manifestation. The entry deadline is Monday, May 31st, and further details are available over at his site. 
  • Brand New Super Powers: And taking us out this time is the brand new video from Beefy's (shortly) forthcoming new LP With Sprinkles. It's for the track "Geek Out," and it all but commands you to do so.


funky49 said...

Baseball stinks except when you're at a game and drunk off of $5 Bud Lights.

Z. said...

Mmmmmm.... Stadium beer...

killsaly said...

There is a Space Opera by Champollion that you would probably dig (band is actually guys from Previously on Lost). Ive only heard the songs on myspace.

Z. said...

Thanks for the tip, ks. I will definitely look into that!

killsaly said...

No worries, just returning the favour for the many tips you have shared on the pages of this fine site!