Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blankety Blank

That time has come once again, my friends. A time when a young man feels himself nudged ever southward. When the music nerd inside us all is drawn toward Florida. The Sunshine State. The House of the Mouse. America's Wang.

Call it what you will, the simple fact is Nerdapalooza season is fast approaching and, thus, a trip to Orlando, FL is imminent. With this year's festival slated for July 17th and 18th, you still have a little over two months buy your tickets, make your travel plans and pack up your wordly belongings.

Sadly, for some of our dorky brethren, that's far easier said than done. With the global economy, well, I believe the proper phrase is in the shitter, it's difficult for many fans to make this annual pilgrimage. And it is equally hard for many of the potential performers.

To help remedy this, our friends at Game Music 4 All along with Lo Tech (of The Geek Peek Post) established a fundraiser called Get _______ to Nerdapalooza. Sure, it's not the most compelling of project names, but it's proper accurate.

This year the duo is again re-launching the Get _______ to Nerdapalooza effort complete with fabulous raffle prizes, and the artist chosen to benefit from the generated funds is none other than nerdcore's finest palindrome Dr. Awkward.

Now, if I have to tell you what Awkward is all about, you're obviously new to both this blog and the world of studious indie hip-hop, but I will humor you…

Rocketing onto the scene with his debut EP Next Gen, Dr. Awkward easily impressed nerdy heads with his blend of clever lyricism, tuneful hooks and geeky swagger. Joining forces with the Scrub Club collective, the good Doctor continued to ply his craft both around his own California stomping grounds and beyond. (Including a stellar showing at last year's Nerdapalooza.)

His newly released Unlimited is a hip-hop powerhouse with a sharp focus on girls, games and nerd life, not to mention being one of the strongest releases of 2010. Dr. Awkward has continued his hot streak with a number of stellar guest spots, most recently on Beefy's With Sprinkles. (Which came out today; get on that shit!)

Also, Doc got me a signed comic from my idol Jim Mahfood at the Space City Nerd kickoff party in Houston, TX, and if that don't sound like the kind of delightful muthafucker deserving of a little financial assistance to travel cross-country, I don't know who does!

With all that said, the dealio is as follows:

Head over to the raffle page at Geek Peek Post. There you can purchase virtual raffle tickets for a mere $10 a pop for your first ticket, with additional tickets only 5 bones. Not only will each donation get Doc closer to this year's Nerdapalooza, they'll also put you in the running for sweet-ass prizes from the likes of MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklord and Marc with a C.

Oh, and there are also two – count 'em: 2 - $100 Visa gift cards up for grabs!

So give some scratch to help Awkward make it to Orlando, and maybe even score some cool shit for yourself.

I believe they call that a win-win.


Joined at the Stitch said...

We might have a house by then that could fit 4 or 5 nerds if they needed a place to crash...although I should okay this with Denika before offering!

Z. said...

As long as I am among the chosen few, I wholeheartedly approve! ;)

killsaly said...

So Z you will be there this year? Ill be there too, so if Matt is as well, we can link up pretty easy.

Plus i do hope Doc gets his chance to come out. He was dope last year.

Lo Tech said...

Thanks for the write up! The GeekPeekPost will be announcing more (yes, even MORE) prizes as the weeks go on! So get these tickets early to jump on the online, pre-nerdapalooza discount!