Thursday, April 01, 2010

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 86: The Ugly Truth

For this edition of Radio Free Hipster, I've decided to forego the voice modulation process I've applied to each and every one of my previous podcasts to this point. This decision was not an easy one, primarily because I've used it as a way to keep my family safe from the evils lurking on the webternets.

But this need for safety has turned to fear, and if X and Twiggy ever expect to become world class champions in order to win my love, then I had better start toughening them up. I've even gone as far as to put them on this very podcast, thus giving the stalker and ne'er-do-well community a proverbial "bring it on" gesture, my fists firmly placed at my sides.

What you'll find within, besides the courage that has lived inside you all along, are songs not chosen to placate a theme, but rather a roster of the finest audio clips meant to join together as an almost unholy alliance (due mostly to the involvement of Schaffer The Darklord). Bask as these most heroic of tunes provide you with buffs and much needed healing as you battle the harsh realities of day to day life. Dragons. Corrupt Armies. Mowing the Lawn. All will bow before the might of this podcast!

Take charge my minions! Take to the skies and rain down upon our enemies with such vengeance they will question the very Gods themselves!

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Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 86: The Ugly Truth [hosting provided by Antisoc] Size: 53.4 MB Running Time: 58:25

Show Notes:

Intro: Z's first intro

Actual Intro: Baddd Spellah - "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
The best part of the show. 

Z's 1st interlude: "GeekDad Told Me"
Meet the crew. It's a family affair 

Track 1: Shael Riley - "Music Of My Groin"
X insisted on this one. I can't tell him no. He looks like a tiny me! 

Track 2: MC Frontalot - "Your Friend Wil"
I have never once been called a dick. I must not have great friends. 

Track 3: Kirby Krackle - "Ring Capacity"
Oooooh! It's about Green Lantern! I get it now. 

Track 4: Dual Core - "The Game"
This was based on my life in the early 2000s. "Z" isn't my real name. It used to be Victor. 

Z's 2nd interlude: "That Orgy Was A Mistake"
Including a fifth would have been nice. 

Track 5: mc chris - "Awesome Fucker"
I have to assume this song is also based on my life. 

Track 6: Tenacious D - "Double Team"
I don't know why, but this song always reminds me of Just Another Lazy Podcast. You should go check that out. 

Track 7: Weezer - "Undone (The Sweater Song)"
Someone told me this song was a metaphor for a relationship. I thought it was a cool song about sweaters. I f'n hate metaphors! 

Track 8: The Lonely Island - "Metaphor"
These guys have mastered the art of subtlety. Truly wonderful. I f'n love metaphors! 

Z's 3rd interlude: "Huge Boobs"
After all these years I finally break down and get way honest, yo. 

Track 9: MC Lars - "This Gigantic Robot Kills"
Ska is not dead. It's been lost in time fighting a dragon to save us from the Negas'rife headed for Earth. 

Track 10: Futuristic Sex Robotz - "Hey, Ladies"
I put this in here because I like the intro right after Lars' song about killer robots. 

Track 11: Optimus Rhyme - "Calm Down"
All joking aside this is a gem, usually hidden to those not in the know. 

Track 12: Schaffer The Darklord - "Pixilated Vixen"
I too would totally bone a videogame lady. 

Z's 4th interlude: "Giant Shoes I Could Never Fill"
My son does not like Beefy. He is grounded. 

Track 13: Wordburglar - "Hermaphromic"
Due to Canadia's honor system in the prisons, The SJ can still tour. So that's good for him. Bad for frightened words. 

Track 14: MPFM - "Kool-Aid"
Once I level up a bit more I'll cast a resurrect on MPFM. So fear not. 

Z's final interlude: "I Just Want To Give Z Pokemon!"
The truth finally comes out. We really love you Z! 

Track 15: Beefy - "Uncanny [f. MC Lars]"
Coming up on With Sprinkles. Beat by Mustin. Sex appeal by Beefy.


You fools! Little did you know that the man you thought was Z was merely the cunning guise of none other than Beef Thompson himself! How could you have been to easily misled? Your lives are now forfeit!

This has been an April Fools podswap! Oh snap! There's no possible way you saw this coming! Jones, Steve, and I really enjoyed wasting your time today. Please note that anything negative we said in the podcast we didn't mean (except in the case of Jones McFly. It's not that everything Jones says is true, it's just hard to separate the fiction from the mega-fiction.) So thank you boys and girls, and don't forget to check back next week for your usual dose of Z. Also check out the podcast he did for us over at Just Another Lazy Podcast!


Church said...

So *that's* what it takes to get Beefy to put out a podcast.

Z. said...


Nerd Fabulous said...

Somebody should get some Phoenix Down and mail it to Steffo. MPFM should not be allowed to die. :(

Jimi said...

I love Beefy!

And this podcast was great!

eye-shuh said...

That was absolutely amazing! XD

I'll definitely have to hop over and check out their regular podcast! Well played!

Z. said...

Indeed, Nerd Fabulous. We need them in our party!

And thanks for the love, Jimi & Eye-shuh. Beefy and Co. really brought it.