Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bumper Stickers, Pokemon, Podcasts & You

Earlier this year I talked a bit about trying to bring a stronger visual element to Hipster, please!, to include more images and videos and eye candy to help mellow the acerbic cocktail that is my writing. And while this is all well and good, it occurs to me that I also need to expand in another direction.

I'm talking community here, people. Interactivity.

You nerds have been supporting me for at least as long I've been supporting you, so I'm desperately trying to, y'know, put myself out there. To kick our little exchanges up a notch.

To that end I have a trio of (hopefully) interesting points I'd like to touch on. If, of course, you'll be so kind as to indulge me.

Who Wants Stuff?

First and foremost, I have – at the urgings of at least a couple of you – ordered some more bumper stickers. I don't really do merch, as such. I find it a little distasteful for someone who provides such a paltry service as me to pimp wares, but I know some of y'all like this stuff, so here it is.

This time around, the "Nerd music. Nerd culture. Nerd life." has instead been replaced with my newest semi-ironic battle cry "Geek is something you do. Nerd is something you live."

Does this mean that I've given up my previous position on the geek = nerd argument? Not in the slightest. It simply means that, as my buddy Glenn pointed out, I love to bastardize quotes from the great KRS-One.

You may procure some of these stickers in the traditional manner: just use the Paypal donate button to your right to send me as much or as little scratch as you feel led to take the sting out of shipping and/or support the site. (And, as I am never one to overlook the downtrodden, if you're too broke to donate feel free to holler at me anyway.)

And just like last time, once these things are gone, they're gone. I might eventually print more stickers, but they won't boast this particular smart-ass phrasing.

Defeat Your Inner Snorlax

With the shilling out of the way, I'd also like to invite those of you with a freshly opened copy of Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver to participate in a little fitness experiment with me.

The Pokewalker Fitness Challenge is a crazy idea I had while following John Kovalic's #geekestloser Twitter trend, but rather than attempt to motivate nerds to lose weight it is instead focused on forcing us to get out of our cubes and do a little bit of walking.

Using the Pokewalker's pedometer function, the PFC challenges participants to clock in a certain number of steps per day. This number grows gradually over a course of weeks until all but one player has grown to weary (or bored) to continue. What will this champion of locomotion win? Not sure. If the participants are willing, maybe everyone will throw 5 or 6 bucks in a pot to go to our final winner. Otherwise there's, y'know, bragging rights.

The Challenge will begin in earnest next week, when players will be asked to establish their base level of activity (i.e.: just see how much they walk around over the course of an average week.) We'll move on from there, and hopefully manage to have a fun time doing it.

Do My Job for Me

Lastly, I can't help but notice that April is just around the corner. With that in mind, I'm hoping to bring last April Fools' Day Podswap back for another round. For those who missed it, the Podswap encourages podcasters to switch shit up in their shows, to let someone unexpected host.

Last year the idea was to trade episodes with a fellow podcasting crew – I presented a primer episode of Brilliant Gameologists and they shared a Radio Free Hipster highlight show – but this year I'm thinking of maybe just letting someone else record and assemble an ep. of RFH outright.

I've already had offers from Selfhelp, funky49, int eighty, Beefy and my boy Church (and his lady friend the GF) to host in my stead, but I'm still totally open for ideas.

Is there a reader, fan or artist you'd love to hear helm a special edition of Radio Free Hipster?

Is there another podcast you'd like to hear me host?

Is this just a horrible idea that I should put to bed?

Just lemme know, okay? It's all about the sharing.


Anarchangel said...

As a listener, I'm a fan of podswaps. It's a great way to broaden one's horizons, whether that means being introduced to a new podcast, or hearing someone else's take on a topic. Even if I don't like the replacement, it's a good experience.

eye-shuh said...

Comments from top to bottom:

(1) I thought that said "interesting people I'd like to touch on" which brought whole new meaning to your desire for interactivity until I re-read.

(2) Yay stickers! I'll have to figure out what I'm going to slap it on...my poor laptop is getting a little covered.

(3) YOU IS ALL GOING DOWN! I am the geekiest of losers! Also, totally down for throwing in a few bucks! Either way, I loves me some e-peen.

(4) I think podswap sounds like fun! It'd be cool if you got a band to host an RFH of their influences or favorites.

Jimi said...

Please let Beefy do it!!! The others you mentioned would be awesome too, but Beefy is Beefy. You know?

Church said...

Beefy already has a podcast.

Or did. I can never keep track... :P

DV said...

I would love to hear Shael Riley rant and play some tunes.

On a purely personal note, the only other podcast I listen to as religiously as RFH is 120Minutes with Jick and Mr. Skullhead, so that would be an interesting swap. For me. Possibly for no one else.

Other than that, a swap with Jordan, Jesse, Go! has the potential to be amusing, as does Idle Thumbs and Overthinking It. All three are excellent shows (despite what Gabe and Tyco might say).

DV said...

Also, "paltry service"? HAH!

Try "uniquely awesome, unmatched, and irreplaceable"

Eric said...

i totally want in on the Pokewalker challenge, i'll throw a few buck via paypal. I just picked up my copy of Soul Silver today

Milton said...

I've won this challenge in my head, since I play Rock Band with the 'Walker strapped to my wrist. So instead of participating, I'll toss a few denari in the pot, since I'm already a bean pole.

Cheers and kudos, nerdiators.

Shael Riley said...

What's that, Z? You want me to host your Podcast? Well, alright. I'll do it. Just cause we're pals.