Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Something that is Not PAX East

I know I'm supposed to be all excited about PAX East this weekend, and, truth be told, I am. Sure, I'm not going, which is kind of a pisser, but a bunch of my fellow GeekDads are gonna be in attendance as will nerdy friends like Nagini, so I feel like I'll at least be there in spirit.

Oh, and as an aside, free sticker for anyone who manages to namedrop me during the Geek Parenting Panel! ;)

But, back to the topic at hand, while we've all been buzzing about PAX for months, I just hit upon an event also going down this weekend that you may have missed. Texas nerdlingers are probably well aware of Comicpalooza, running from March 26th-28th at the George R. Brown Convention in Houston, but it's also of note that Saturday the 27th will see a Nerdcore show at nearby Joystix arcade and bar.

It's all a part of Houston's new homegrown nerd culture site Space City Nerd's big kick-off party, and it features a performance by Scrub Club's magnificent Dr. Awkward and the return of the unforgettable MC Router. Also on tap are artists Jim Mahfood (AKA: my hero) and David Mack making with the geeky art LIVE!

Oh, and free-play classic arcade cabinets. You can't forget that shit.

So essentially there's something for everyone. And if you're a regular reader of this blog there's probably lots of stuff to get excited about.

The show's a scant 10 bones, but it is a 21+ affair, so plan accordingly. There's also a Facebook event page you can consult for further details.

Most importantly, if you go take some pictures for me!


Matt said...

I gotta admit, I'm finding it humorous that the show will feature Router and someone from Scrub Club.

Z. said...

Yeah, the irony of that bill was not lost on me either. :)

DisposablePal said...

damn, i'd go just to see Mahfood, i've been following his stuff for like a decade

Z. said...

Same here! You know he does the cover art for Kirby Krackle's albums, right?

Epic Default said...

...I'm surprised this caught your attention...I was going to go just because (sadly I can't make it to Comicpalooza and meet the chin himself). I'll be sure to post plentyy of pictures though. Joystix is possibly one of the most amazing things in Houston right now