Monday, March 15, 2010

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 85: The Wilder World

This edition of Radio Free Hipster was created by committee. Okay, so maybe that's not wholly accurate, but it's theme was chosen democratically.

So, y'know, this shit is your fault. ;)

In all honesty, I think this episode came out pretty well, and I do appreciate the listener input.

It always serves to liven up the proceedings.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 85: The Wilder World [hosting provided by Antisoc] Size: 40.1 MB Running Time: 43:47

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
They are not animals; they are human beings!

Track 1: Unleashed dialog / The Reborn Identity – "Shake Doggy Shake"

Go and check out Britpop Rebooted. Now.

Z's 1st interlude: "Democracy is a muthafucker."

For those who missed the audience poll that fathered this particular edition, I used a little application called Poll Everywhere. And I think I'll be using it again in the future.

Track 2: MC Frontalot – "Fresh Dog"

I swear I've played this track before, but damned if I (or Google) can remember when!

Track 3: mc chris – "Robot Dog"

MC Frontalot's real dog > mc chris's robot pooch.

Track 4: Tullycraft – "Fangs on Bats"

Thanks again to Matt for turning me on to Tullycraft.

Track 5: Big Bang Theory dialog / Glenn Case – "My Singing Bird"

Another jewel from the Glenn Case songbook.

Track 6: Jonathan Coulton – "Furry Old Lobster"

The story behind this track is fuckin' hilarious. Read it here.

Track 7: Uncle Monsterface – "Lobster Building"


Track 8: Mazedude – "Safari"

K.K. Setlist is another freebie that would make an excellent addition to your collection.

Z's 2nd interlude: "One of my favorite games of all times."

This podcast took a swift, relatively early turn toward the realm of Animal Crossing. I honestly consider it one of the most compelling series of all time.

Track 9: Fourteen Year Old Girls – "Animal Forest"

From way the fuck back in RFH #2!

Track 10: My Parents' Favorite Music – "When Animals Cross"

And again I lament the loss of MPFM. :(

Track 11: Comptroller – "Crossover Dragon"

Comptroller was nice enough to hip me to the release of this new self-titled LP, and I will now direct your attention toward it as well.

Track 12: Order of the Phoenix dialog / The Whomping Willows – "I Believe in Nargles"

Fact: Luna Lovegood is the shit.

Track 13: Americans UK – "I, Ape-Man"

Haven't played AUK in a bit, and I felt like this one fit so very well.

Track 14: 8 Bit Weapon – "M.U.L.E. (Bitblaster Mix)"

Same goes for 8BW. I can never get enough of their stuff!

Track 15: The J. Arthur Keenes Band – "Catfish Lagoon"

I have yet to hear a track from J. Arthur Keenes that isn't gold.

Z's final interlude: "Also known as Blak Lotus."

For those who don't know, while not seeing to his duties as MC Frontalot's bassist, Brandon is an indie rock superhero.

Track 16: Brandon Patton – "Coelacanth"

Yes, coelacanth is also a reference to Animal Crossing. And big thanks to Snipe for turning me on to this track!

I can't help but notice that my voice-overs come through a little strong in this one. Sorry for any temporary deafness that may happen as a result.

I actually had a really good time pulling this one together, so expect more audience polls. I've been working a lot with what are often termed "audience response systems" at my day job, and this seemed like a cool way to leverage such technology.

Expect the next episode of Radio Free Hipster to be all free-form and stuff. I've had a lot of new tracks come into my possession that require your attention, with not a common thread between them.

But don't fret; I'll work that Star Trek themed episode up in the near future.


Jimi said...

Good episode.

Who's a good boy?

Church said...

Taxonomy aside?

Z. said...

He's crazy charismatic, Jimi.

Not everyone cares about the oldest living lineage of gnathostomata, Church.