Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Witchy Woman

Did yesterday's video from nYgel slake your thirst for all things MC Lars? No?

Well, fuck! I guess I'll just have to treat you to a second helping of that patented Post-Punk Laptop Rap™. Because that is, indeed, how I roll.

This one was originally conceived at last year's Comic-Con by Lars, Random and Beefy, and it concerns recent Hideki Kamiya/SEGA masterpiece Bayonetta. So how does a track about a third-person action videogame centered on a gun-toting witch end up relating the protagonist to Tina Fey?

Consider the source.

High-born goths and mellower rivetheads will no doubt note the voice of Switchblade Symphony's Tina Root on the hook, and discriminating musos will be interested to learn that production was handled by Jason Bazinet (of Sounds of Mass Production fame). Peep the heavily annotated video for more info:

Will this turn into our next Mega Ran, so adored by the game's producers that it's officially endorsed? Or merely result in another hasty YouTube C&D? Only time will tell, but, for now, snag your own copy of the vid and MP3 from MC Lars's site.


Anonymous said...

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wyrfxrssn said...

I am new to the blog. I was familiar with it but I don't like reading blogs, however recently my internet time has needed to be filled so I have started. I have to say, I'm very disappointed in MC Lars and his very blatant lack of skill at video games. Undeniable proof that he doesn't actually play video games: he says Laura Croft.