Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Sweet Science

YTCracker has, of late, drawn musical inspiration from a trio of notable sources: science, space and weed. More recently he has fused these three passions into a single dazzling creation, "Take a Knee," which he released on December 31st via YouTube.

While the video is simple enough, just a performance piece staged in YT's own in-house studio, the song itself is truly something special. Another finely hewn illustration of nerdy swagger coupled with shit-hot production from Digital Gangster's own hijinks, it's equally notable for being the first true glimpse of YTCracker's forthcoming project.

Due out next month, the so-called Science & Space album promises to be another weird and wonderful affair complete with tech-heavy allusions, party-worthy beats and obscure references totally lost on those not hip to the ways of the DGs.

Who live like this?


funky49 said...

I have a nickname for yt.

"Spaceman Spliff"

Someone needs to draw Calvin in a spaceship but insert yt features.

Z. said...

Believe it or not, funk, "Spaceman Spliff" was the original title of this post! :)

funky49 said...

Believe it not, eh?

I choose not to believe... solely because doing so would acknowledge THAT WOULD BE FREAKY AS HELL!

I hope you understand.