Monday, January 04, 2010


One thing I hope to do in 2010 is introduce more of a visual element to Hipster, please! I've been making a concerted effort of late to regularly include images and videos in posts - due, in part, to the horribly skewed picture/word exchange rate - and I want to continue this trend. Therefore, on my first full week back at the keyboard, I am going to focus directly on the task at hand.

Over the next few days I will be spotlighting a number of amazing videos that you may have sadly missed in the waning hours of 2009. (Consider it a YouTube theme week if you must!)

Leading the pack is a brand new vid from my pals Dual Core. It is for the song "Forever" from their stellar 2009 release Next Level, and it was directed by John S. La Valle. John shot all the footage for the project at last year's Nerd Invasion, and it boasts a positively staggering array of cameos, many from some of my very favorite people.

So give it a look-see, a nice comment, hell, maybe even a 5-star rating, should you feel so inclined. And keep a keen eye out for a little shout-out to yours truly right before the one-minute mark!


Church said...

Was that Matt in there?

Z. said...

Yep, that bearded beasty was our own Matt!

Matt said...

So here's the breakdown of who's who

In order of appearance:

Int80 (obviously)
DJ Snyder
King Pheenix
Dr. Awkward
Cupcake (Z1's wife)
Jason (Nerdrockstar)

Googlez (Geek Amigo board)
MC Diabeats
Laika (Lullz Trollz, Geek Amigo board)

Joanna (Socialknitworking)
Andrea (Socialknitworking)

Awk again
Pheenix again
Z1 again

As for why I look so weird, I was to tall for the shot, so I had to kind of half squat during my scene.

Church said...

I'm just glad I recognized you. It's been too long, guy.

John said...

@Matt - Your shot was one of my favorites. Usually being short, I have to stand on top of things, but when I found out you were too tall for the frame I didn't feel alone. Thanks for showing me that tall people and short people can live in harmony.

@Z - Thanks for the props!

Anarchangel said...

Hellooooo Amazon wishlist!

Great video.

Z. said...

Thanks for the rundown, Matt! I actually managed to catch 2/3 of those on my first viewing.

Glad to do it, John. Fantastic job, man!

I agree, Anarchangel.

Sangriaa said...

:D :D <3 I had to hold the Z sign.

Z. said...

And you did it great, Sanny! :)