Sunday, October 04, 2009

Nerd News in Brief

Sadly, I am forced to offer this edition of Nerd News in Brief a bit later than expected. Okay, so maybe a lot later.

I do make an effort to crank these bad boys out in a timely manner, but, sadly, sometimes life gets in the way.

So, without further ado…
  • Hollow: Last week's big new album release was, of course, Maja's Bleach'D Out. I've already said my piece about the project, but latecomers are encouraged to pick that shit up quick at Reverbnation.
  • Mash It Up: In other release news, Ultraklystron dropped a second mash-up album. Karl pulls in some songs from Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana, as well as some unreleased tracks from his own forthcoming Romance Language 2 project, "albeit in mash-up form."
  • This Charming Man: Also making with the sweet new releases is Brandon "Blak Lotus" Patton. His Underhill Downs is available for purchase from his very own store, and he was even nice enough to include some freebies in the album's introduction post. What a guy!
  • Headshot: And while you're on the prowl for new tunes, be sure to peep Dale Chase's tribute to nerdy lady extraordinaire Snipeyhead. It is entitled "Sniped," but I like to think of it as "Coder Girl Chapter 2."
  • Touch Your Tunes: Another amazing release is Pixelh8's newest music-making module, Master Stroke for the Nintendo DS. Unlike previous official and homebrew DS music apps, this one is a performance tool instead of a sequencer. And just like Pix's other Music Tech products, it's available for free download.
  • JoCo Was Right!: With Halloween upon us – yes, I start celebrating Halloween on October 1st – this story seems particularly relevant. Italian Physicist Davide Cassi suggests that the best way to survive the zombie holocaust would, in fact, be to hole up inside a mall. Science fucking rocks!
  • Complete Control: Antisoc hit me up with a link to this fantastically geeky cross-stitch piece. The fact that I don't already have one of these above my mantle pains me so.
  • Coldblooded: Also on the visual art front comes this link from my brother Brooks. Man, that's just heartbreaking. Mario is a dirty bitch!
  • Fight the Future: Sci-fi geek rocker Americans UK have recently made their third band comic available for free download! It features time travel, robots and rock. What more could you possibly ask for?
  • Of Wizards and Rock: In addition to his obligatory weekly geek chic link – a tradition that has become the ultimate in-joke in our private circle – Church also turned up a pair of fascinating nerd culture posts. The first reflects on the unbelievable (but totally true) Dungeons & Dragons summer camp held at Shippensburg College in 1982. The second is a Daily Progress piece about the novel concept of… being aware of the music your children listen to? Yeah, that. Oh, and it includes a passing reference to nerdcore.
  • Hit the Road: With I Fight Dragons' tour with mc chris now in full swing, the band has launched a dedicated tour page. Check it out for up-to-date gig info, opportunities to score free tickets by volunteering at the merch booth and weekly chat sessions with the band.
  • Rock the House: In Nerd Invasion news, my pal Shael Riley has just been added to the lineup. Better yet, the recently released set list shows him going on right before the diabolical Schaffer the Darklord!
  • Ape Drape: On the video front, mullet enthusiast Steve Rudzinski has just produced his own vid for Glenn Case's So Be Yourself anthem "Sweet Canadian Mullet." And as much as I hate to admit it, Steve does sport pretty rockin' hockey hair.
  • I Heard a Rumor: And for the more adventurous, I'd also recommend the newest video from Florida's geeky art rockers Zombies Organize. It's centered on a well-worn internet meme concerning one Glenn Beck.
  • A Network of Wormholes: But surely this final selection is the greatest video in recent memory. It features the beauty of science. Auto-tuned.


MC Citrus said...

alright. this blog is exactly what i aspire to doing someday...keep up the good work. you're suggestions of music are tiiiight...keep that up too. Thanks for a little brighter day.

Kids Music said...

Interesting Video!! Thanks for sharing.

funky49 said...


If its a choice between your kiddos and us, please choose them. I don't need help going boom boom.


J.Goodwin said...

Congratulations to Shael.

I remember when he was trying to round up enough people for a tiny club show in New York to qualify to open for Frontalot and Optimus Rhyme at the Western Front (which was a great show, BTW).

It seems like so long ago now...

Z. said...

Thanks for the love, Citrus. :)

I found it quite enlightening myself, KV.

Duly noted, funk.

Yeah, big ups to Shael, J. I'm sure he'll make us proud with a dazzling show!