Tuesday, October 06, 2009

For the Kids

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to score a seat at the virtual roundtable that is the Epic Default podcast. Admittedly, this edition was of the drunken variety, so my contribution may have been a bit less weighty than usual, but such is the nature of the beast. The Epic Defaulters are currently sifting through the debris in an attempt to make our sloppy discourse listenable, and whenever the final product rears its knobby head I'll be sure to put up a pointer.

As I would imagine is the case with most of you, I first became aware of the Epic Default crew during PAX '08, when the guys Bad Horsed a veritable cavalcade of top-shelf geeks. Since that time, ringleader Jonny Nero and I have struck up the obligatory friendship, and he and the guys really made me feel welcome on the show. Or at least they acted as welcoming as a group of wholly intoxicated nerds - one of which seemed to be under the assumption that I planned to assault him - could possibly be.

But more important than their perfectly executed pranks or their propensity for intoxication is Epic Default's dedication to supporting nerd culture through the most positive channels available. For the second year in a row, Jonny and the guys are participating in Sarcastic Gamer's Extra Life fundraiser in support of Texas Children's Hospital. Essentially, it's a 24 hour charity gaming marathon. Gamers the world over forgo sleep and personal hygiene to raise money to help fight pediatric cancer.

If your schedule is open on October 17th, you might want to consider signing up to participate in the event while there's still time to round up some pledge money. Otherwise, why not toss a little scratch at your brothers from Team Epic Default? You'll be glad you did!


Church said...

"Gamers the world over forgo sleep and personal hygiene to raise money to help fight pediatric cancer."

Isn't that like office drones going to the conference room and eating birthday cake *for charity?*

Whatever, the kids need help. Do the damn thing.

Z. said...

I dunno, Church. Have you ever gamed for a full day? I imagine the fun starts to wear off after 8 or 10 hours. But yes, DTDT indeed!

Jonny Nero said...

I think Anthony was the only one last year that made the full 24 hours. But he's also an insomniac, so its easy for him.

Thanks, Z, for mentioning this.

P.S. It's looking like this one will be at least a two parter, if not three.

Z. said...

Glad to do it, Jonny. Been meaning to for weeks, but I am way behind on my blogging. And I sort of thought as much; we did ramble a lot. ;)

Kids Music said...

I'm glad to have visited your blog and good to know you! I find it interesting and informative.

Jimi said...

I'll certainly put some donations in