Thursday, August 20, 2009

Live to Fight

There are many places where I expect to encounter The Grammar Club. Strip bars. Red-light districts. Prison. But one place I never anticipated running across them, or at least their music, is in a promo video for Australian mixed martial arts. I stand corrected.


Church said...

I'm not sure which is weirder, that Grammar Club is in a MMA commercial, or that it works.

SteveBC said...

A little long for being a promo, but thats the beauty of being able to skip through it.
i think what sets it apart is that its
not a Linkin Park song, and there are women fighting in it.. kind of reaches that universal appeal of fighting games seeing average weight class mma, a little more subdued presentation, and Grammar Club in this song hit the "lets party, but get those bloody who suck" vibe" which i am a fan of.

Z. said...

I'd say the latter, Church.

Good point, Steve; it earns extra points simply by virtue of not including Linkin Park. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm such a dick sometimes,

I was wondering if lol was still appropriate form for laughter in text?

I'm a fan of ha x 2
for haha, x 3 for hahaha

the higher the multiplier, the greater the laugh I wish to share.

but whatever, it says something that I know the correct way to spell linkin park.. but actually Im not sure.

digressions aside, its cool that GC
got their shit on Street Fighter
that had to be sweet.

Z. said...

No doubt, Steve. That whole alternate SSF2THDR soundtrack was pretty boss!