Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NerdRockstar Wants to Give You a PS3

Typically, when one is vying for a handsome prize in a random drawing, one keeps his fucking trap shut so as not to further decrease his chances of winning. But you know what? I'm not gonna do that. In fact, I am gonna spread the word and encourage all of you to toss your names in the proverbial hat as well. 'Cause I am cool like that.

Many of you no doubt caught my mention of geeky clothier NerdRockstar last week. Well, today I again invoke the name for a trio of wonderful reasons. Which I will now innumerate:

First, NerdRockstar has just rolled out a brand new t-shirt design for my Janglish-slangin' brother Maja. It's a take on the classic Sega logo, and uses the same font as the famed "Nerdcore is Not Dead" design. Exciting shit, no?

Even better is that the fact that NR's Jason has challenged himself to offer a new shirt design every day for the next month! His Thing-a-Day program thumbs its nose as Coulton by kicking out brand new products at breakneck speed. Already available are designs for Portal aficionados and those clever Steampunks.

And there was one other thing too.

What was it?

Oh yeah, NerdRockstar is giving away a goddamn PS3! One of the new slim ones! For free!

As the crew continues its mission to spread the word about the shop, they are turning to the community and rewarding their efforts. Simply buying any piece of merch from the virtual storefront or proclaiming your love for the site via your social network of choice nets you an entry into the drawing, and multiple entries are encouraged. Peep the blog for full details, and then do your best to win Sony's newest multimedia monster.


Matt said...

They need to throw together a Hipster, please! shirt based on the sticker design.

Z. said...

Jason and I are talking about potential HP shirts. Right now the front-runner is a Harry Potter parody logo. I call it the "Nerd Magic" design. ;)

funky49 said...

I approve of HP Harry Please Hipster Potter goodness.

Z. said...

You also approve of people giving away PS3s, right funk? ;)

funky49 said...

Yes. Even though I own and love one already... I wrote a 500 word essay. I'm feeling wordy.

Z. said...

If I win, funk, we will multi-player like a mofo!