Friday, July 03, 2009

Nerd News in Brief

With each passing day, my friends, it seems my plans to attend this year's Nerdapalooza are slipping further away. Oh, the evils of the unexpected expenditure!

Still, for those of you who will be getting their geek on next weekend in Orlando, take heart! With performances by I Fight Dragons, Uncle Monsterface, The Grammar Club, Dual Core, The Scrub Club crew, Schaffer the Darklord and a cornucopia of other aural delights on deck, you will be amply entertained even in the event of my absence.

Plus, things on the other side of the stage are looking equally rosy. Fantastic fellows like my blogging brother Matt and super-supporter Data Vortex will be on hand. As will lovely ladies like Snipeyhead (AKA Miss Douchenuker 2009) and the incomparable freakapotimus.

Twill be a bumper crop of nerdlingers indeed!
  • Moonwalker: Scientific Blogging has crafted the most important piece of journalism of the modern age. Yes, a post that references both Buzz Aldrin's love of hip-hop and the Nerdcore Rising documentary. And with that, I drift further into obsolescence.
  • The Bearded Wonder: Jonathan Coulton has been everywhere this week promoting his newly released Best. Concert. Ever. He was featured over at Joystiq, in Esquire and I even think I saw him at the supermarket. Although that last one could've simply been some other bespectacled, hirsute suburbanite dad.
  • Street-level: MC Lars has finally made the first eight years of his comic 27th Street available for your perusal. In sequence to less!
  • Alter-natives: And speaking of Lars, you can peep a review of his YTCracker collab album The Digital Gangster LP in the new Alternative Press. It's got Blink-182 on the cover, but don't let that dissuade you for picking it up.
  • Community-building: You can also get your Post-punk Laptop Rap on at MC Lars's new fan forum. Be seen. Be heard.
  • Like a Box of Batman Chocolates: There's a new interview with my boy Beefy available at The Painted Man. Therein he discusses his influences, Nugget and tattoos. Check that shit out.
  • Reverend Yo-Yo: Beefy's also been getting his visual art on once again. Peep this new tribute to our beloved Doctor Popular. What a handsome devil!
  • Fine Art: Beef also hipped me to this amazing piece of fan art featuring nerdcore royalty. It's like a geeky music Justice League composed of Jesse Dangerously, Doc Pop, Beefy, Lars, Front, YT and mc chris all gathered around superfan Lance.
  • Dance, Damien, Dance!: And while you're trolling for (non-porn) images, be sure to take a look at skipmeister123's amazing shots of MC Frontalot in action at Top of the Park in Ann Arbor. Apparently the headlamp is just for show in this instance.
  • Feel the Love: mc chris recently received a nice thank you note from the Minnesota Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in appreciation of his work (and the donations of his fans) to help fight CF. Check out an image here.
  • Drag Me to Hell: Hey, did you know mc's Part 2 Part 6 is available for pre-order? That shit is totally true.
  • What is This Nerdery?: From the Dan Plus Add camp comes some HD gig footage as well as news of a new collaborative project. If you subscribed to Dan's mailing list you'd already know this. I'm just saying.
  • He's Your Critic: Captain Spalding has just dropped a new track at his MySpace. It's a misty-eyed meditation on the shitty cinema that is SUCK Films.
  • I'm Looking at You, Dave.: Sometimes I think Church is just messing with me. A contest to design D&D-themed clothing? Preposterous! And yet, somehow true!
  • Dead and Loving It: And let me congratulate Church on his honorable mention in Topless Robot's Zombie Haiku contest. He'll always be the winner in my eyes!
  • Brilliant and it Could Change the World: Ed Stockham (AKA smilinglimpet), won Chameleon Circuit's recent fan video contest with this amazing tribute to "An Awful Lot of Running." Experience its awesomeness below, and have a wonderful weekend!


Anthony said...

What do we have to do to get you to Nerdapalooza. It won't be the same without you! Plus who else is going to be the professional blogger there? Sure as hell not me!

DV said...

For real, Anthony! It's time to start up a "Get Z to Nerdapalooza" fund! What should our target be?

Justin said...

That fan art piece is too awesome. Hope you're able to make it to Nerdapalooza Z, I need another bad picture with you.

Z. said...

It's gonna take some money and a miracle, Ant. I am currently in the market for both.

A bunch, Vortex. A whole bunch.

Oh, come on now, Justin. That pic from last year was plenty bad! ;)