Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Reintroduction

Sometimes a new album drop is exciting because it's hotly anticipated – like, for example, Epic-1's LP debut or the freshly released Southside Liquors – but other times it's really more of an unexpected surprise. Such is the case with my Australian pal Pinky's new mixtape Grandmaster Pink is Nerdier than You.

It's an eclectic sixteen-tracker that's positively packed with old school beats and new school rhymes. So much so, in fact, that I'm beginning to suspect it's somehow perpetually 1988 in the land down under. To put it another way, Pinky continues to bring nerdcore hip-hop that should ably appeal to those in both those often disparate camps.

In addition to Pink's regularly scheduled lyrical geek-outs (with ample nods to gaming, RPGs and comics) it also boasts covers of The Boondocks theme and Del's "Protoculture," an amazing foray into chip-hop and cameos from a number of my other favorites – Super Dragon X and The Ranger like whut?! It's really the perfect follow-up to 2006's impeccable Diabolikly Pink, even featuring a redux of that album's D&D anthem "Rollin' 20s." And with nods to everything from DJ Kool to the Sega Mega Drive, it's easy to love and hard to put down. Oh, and did I mention it's free?

I mean seriously, get on this shit!


Pink said...

i fuckin love you man :D

Z. said...

The feeling is mutual, I assure you. :)