Monday, July 06, 2009

The Flametongue Reawakens

I have admittedly been on a bit of a losing streak of late. Thankfully, you can't lose all the time – or, to put it in the local parlance, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again.
Such is the case with some exciting news from my old pal Myf.

First and foremost, my old pal Myf is now my new pal Navi. This change puts his stage moniker significantly closer to his given name, which is an interesting turn, and it invariably calls up allusions to the spirited companion of a certain Champion of Hyrule. Likewise, it also serves as shorthand for his role as a sort of new school hip-hop prophet, which I find particularly appropriate.

Secondly, as he recently shared over at Rhyme Torrents, this new name also comes bundled with a new mixtape. The Grayscale Trailer is a collection of freestyles, older material, brand new demos and even a little related hotness from his crew Metamystiks Inc. It's a free download, and wise investment of your time and bandwidth.

And lastly, as indicated by the title, this mixtape is merely a precursor to a proper release due out September 1st. It's been a while since Navi has unleashed his full hip-hop fury (though he has still been working on the OCR front), but this preview proves that he's not only kept his old swagger intact, but has further progressed as both lyricist and storyteller.

This is exactly the kind of news that makes a fellow long for a quick end to the long, hot summer!


Shael Riley said...

This mix tape is excellent.

Z. said...

I am Z., and I approve this message.

Navid said...

I am Navid and I approve this Shael Riley.

Z. said...

I think we all approve that Shael Riley!