Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I typically like to end the year in one of two ways; either by thanking all those who contributed to the success of Hipster, please! and the greater nerdy music scene in the preceding 12 months, or by simultaneously congratulating and challenging our meta-community.

This year I said fuck that shit.

First off, the usual suspects – folks like Matt and Church, Dennis and Denika, Hex and Ant, Beefy and Soc, Snake Eyes and Doc Pop, Baddd Spellah and DON VITO – know how much I appreciate them. They understand that this project exists no less by their whim than mine, and, though I seldom remember to say it outright, I'm pretty sure they know that I am eternally thankful for all they do. And further, whether you send me music, help out with comps, offer artistic support, or just read this blog on occasion, you are my kung fu action hero, and I am genuinely in your debt as well. I reckon that's a given.

Secondly, we've been doing this dance for so long that I am positive everyone knows my steps by now; I am a proud but minuscule part of the greater whole of music-minded geeks, and, while I revel in the progress we've made, we could sure as hell use a little more inter-scene support and artistic interdependence. Our energies are better expended there than in looking for some "big break" from the ever-fickle mainstream. We are our own greatest strength. But that too should be obvious.

Because I tend to focus on these broader issues, I am often slow to crown a "Nerd of the Year" or a "Most Valuable Player." This is partly because I understand that the success of one depends on the work of many, and partly because it simply doesn't seem like my place. This is the year I make the exception.

So, rather than take this post into the familiar territory described above, I am going to forge new ground by saying what I am fairly certain everyone else is thinking: that 2008 belonged to YTCracker.

When I look at my favorite songs, events, or projects from '08, Bryce Case, Jr. is the silver string that runs betwixt them. When I scrutinize all that was good and pure and truly geeky about the year, he seems to be a party to the overwhelming bulk of it.

He was featured in what I consider the most entertaining of G4's "It's a Nerd's World" promo spots and was interviewed by Web geek Martin Sergeant. He contributed to a number of the best tracks of the year, including "911 AM (Rudy Giuliani)" with Doc Pop and MC Lars, "Fantastic Four" by Dual Core, nYgel's "1to3for," and both the 8-Bit Boys and Sinister Six projects. His own Nerdy South Records released exemplary albums in the form of Beefy's Rolling Doubles and his Serious Business EP, which boasted yet another best track of the year, "I am a Pirate." He toured with fellow heavy-hitters Lars and Frontalot, and he took part in arguably the biggest single musical event in nerdcore history, Nerdapalooza 2008.

And that, my friends, is just the shit I can think of off the top of my head!

I have long since abandoned my aspirations to rip people off help out my fellow humans as a motivational speaker, but, if you take anything away from this post, please let it be this: YTCracker, after all these years, all his triumphs and failures and ups and downs, still has love for this nerd game.

He works with established and up-and-coming artists with an equal measure of DG swagger, and thereby elevates both himself and those around him.

Sure, he's always going to have that hacker side that likes to cause trouble, but he also has a nurturing, almost paternal instinct that leads him to chip in, help out, and simply share the wealth of his credibility.

An easy high-point of my year was when, at a local show, YT gave me and Hipster, please! a shout-out on stage. He didn't have to; it didn't serve him to do so, but he gave some lyrical dap because that is what YT does. He gives respect. Even when it doesn't necessarily behoove him to do so.

So with 2009 already breathing down our collective neck, I only ask that everyone from the realms of nerdcore hip-hop and beyond take a little YTC with them into the awaiting proceedings.

In the words of my boy Beefy, ask yourself "What would YTCracker do?"

Holla at P.Nis for more info.


Church said...

Putting the YT back into TIYT!

(OK, I've got nothing better than that...)

Z. said...

At least you tried, Church. At least you tried.

Anthony said...

ah crap, you reminded me I have to write one of these "obligatory psots" again! well I am on it sir!

Anonymous said...

well said...ytc is my hero

Rob said...

You couldn't have picked a more appropriate guy for the honors

Z. said...

As you should be, Ant! ;)

YT is everyone's hero, Ranger. You're just one of the few brave enough to openly admit it.

Thanks, Rob. What can I say? Everything's coming up YT!