Monday, December 29, 2008

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 58: Lest We Forget

The end of the year means one thing to me: obligation. There are a number of tasks that I, as a fake Web journalist, am honor bound to perform before the ball drops and scores of drunken party attendees share awkward and shameful smooches. The first of these is my year-end podcast, which I present to you now.

I liked the idea of an end-of-year wrap-up show, but elected to save that for January. Instead, we're gonna run out 2008 with a good, old-fashioned free-form playlist. You see, a lot of the songs I wanted to play this ep. are, y'know, old, so promoting them as the "best of the year" seemed misleading.

Still, there're some excellent tracks represented herein, and I can honesty see you grooving to 'em as the clock winds down.


Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 58: Lest We Forget (hosting provided by Antisocial) Size: 45.6 MB Running Time: 49:50

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
All I can rightly ask for is another year with Beefy and Spellah!

Track 1: DJ Topcat – "More Than On Point"
This is from Best of Bootie 2007, but, oddly enough, it was mid-2008 before I really got into the track.

Z's 1st interlude: "Some random jewels you might have missed."
There's a dreadful hiss behind my spoken interludes this episode. Sorry about that. I am having mic difficulties.

Track 2: Scrubs dialog / Beefy – "You Can Call Me Beef"
Doesn't the Turk/Kelso dialog work well in the intro? I think so.

Track 3: I Hate You When You're Pregnant – "Gary Sinise"
This is from the 2nd IHYWYP demo, circa 2003, so "new" doesn't exactly describe it. Awesome, however, does.

Track 4: audiobytes for autobots – "143 CHP"
N.W.A. vs. the Jackson 5. This is a thing of beauty.

Track 5: Snake Eyes – "Never Say What They Mean"
Buy Snake's Golden Country Hits. It will assure peace and prosperity in the new year. I think.

Track 6: Warp 11 – "Spock Me Shock Me"
Here's a 2000 classic from Warp 11's 1st studio album. I recently realized that I've thus far neglected to play these Trek rockers.

Track 7: KABUTO THE PYTHON – "The Face Kicking Song"

Track 8: 8 Bit Weapon "Defender of the Crown (Royalty Remix)"
This is from 8BW's Confidential 2.0 album, which I am currently reviewing. I'm serious this time.

Track 9: MisterB – "Kept My Job!"
Anthony and MisterB like to use their Letters vs. Numbers podcast as a bully pulpit from which to generate beef, but I ain't gonna beef with 'em. Them's my boys.

Z's 2nd interlude: "Tragedy has reared its knobby head."
Goddamn, but I can turn a phrase!

Track 10: The Four Eyes – "Jackpot"
I misspoke in the 'cast itself; this song is from The Four Eyes'2004 album Rock and Role Playing.

Track 11: Year 200X – "05 Ghosts N' Goblins (Intro – Level 1)"
I'm also reviewing Year 200X's We Are Error. Not to ruin a potential albums-of-the-year post, but it's probably the best game rock CD of 2008.

Track 12: This is Spinal Tap dialog / Austrian Death Machine – "Get to the Choppa"
This year, the vocalist for metalcore outfit As I Lay Dying actually did something great. This is it.

Track 13: The Grammar Club – "Red Cyclone (vocal version)"
Whenever I play a Grammar Club track, I have an odd compulsion to play solo work from its members. Thusly, the background music for this edition is Shael Riley's "We Sell Potions and Shit Here."

Track 14: nYgel – "Have You Seen Rain (ft. TYT)"
Both nYgel's Free to Good Home and T.Y.T.'s Jelly Brain are must-owns from 2008.

Track 15: Atmosphere – "Yesterday"
After my father passed, my friend Glenn Case directed me to this Atmosphere cut. It actually helped a lot.

Z's final interlude: "The great Captain Dan of Scurvy Crew fame and the fine folks from Brilliant Gameologists."
Yep, got these guys 'n' gal on-tap for special episodes of RFH. Excitement. I has it.

Track 16: Dual Core – "Orbit (Remix)"
Fun fact: No less than 65% of my recent reminisces regarding this year's Nerdapalooza directly reference the fun I had hanging out with int eighty.

That's all I've got, folks. I am tapped. I should be back mid-January with my picks of 2008 podcast, and then again later that month with the Cap'n.

I'm currently working on my written year-end wrap-up, and suffice it to say it's a break with form. Look for that later this week to see what I mean.

Thanks for listening, and for another fun filled year of full frontal nerdity. I hope you'll join me again in 2009.


Meg @ Brilliant Gameologists said...

As the "gal" from Brilliant Gameoloigsts, let me speak for our crew and say we're super excited to work on special upcoming projects with you too!

On a personal note, "Yesterday" touched me. My father is in the hospital in rapidly failing health and in a strange way, that helped. It's like a broad support group.

Thanks for a great year, can't wait to see what 2009 has in store!

D-Form said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!! My goal it to make a song worthy of a Z podcast this year!

nygel said...

i want to make a hipster please song. but i bet that would be offensive to the current one. damn the luck ;)
thanks for the addition on the podcast. it makes me smile.

chilibean_3 said...

Great podcast, Z. Thanks for introducing me to a bunch of great tunes this year and keep them coming in the next.

Z. said...

I sometimes wonder, Meg, if you, Zeke & Josh haven't realized that your podcast is better than mine. I fear this event will come across like Peter Jackson asking to be in a Uwe Boll film.

And on a more serious note, know that my thoughts are with you as you navigate through this trying time.

Holy shit! Have I not played you, D? Why that's just deplorable! I'll get on that post-haste.

actually nYgel, I would like to have a second theme song for my occasional mixtape-style episodes. You are welcome to take the slot.

Free the chilibean_3! Wow. That was way funner in my head... At any rate, thanks for the support. :)

Church said...

I don't know if BG is *better*, but the fact that I listen to it despite not having played RPGs for what can now be measured in decades has got to count for something. Gamers are a counter-intuitively social group.

And so sorry to hear about your Dad, Meg. My thoughts are with you both.

Z. said...

Well, *I* enjoy BG more. Of course, that might be because I don't know what they're gonna do next... as opposed to my podcast... where I've kinda hear everything before.

Shael Riley said...


Why the heck weren't you at MAGfest?