Friday, November 07, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

Yes we did!

Okay, that's admittedly not the most original of sentiments by this time, but it still rings true.

Obama won. I'm pretty pleased with that.

My more conservative friends and family members? Not so much.

They seem to believe that his impending presidency will somehow trigger the downfall of the western world. Seriously.

Let's be honest here; we talk about the presidency being the highest office in the land, but it's not like the guy at the big desk wields the full power of the nation. There are checks and there are balances and, even if you have similarly leaning majorities in the House and Senate, our system is such that real change, whether good or bad, is slow going.

Will Obama magically make the world a better place by simple virtue of his election? Nope. Likewise, will he drag America and its beloved "traditional family values" – whatever the fuck that means – to hell in a plume of smoke and brimstone? I'm afraid not.

Let's just give the guy a chance, okay. What's that thing that right-wingers have been spouting for the last 8 year? Something about supporting your president whether you agree with him or not.

Yeah, maybe you could try and do that.

I, for one, am just tired of being scared. I realize that fear has become an integral part of our national identity, but I'm pretty much done with it. The world is a dangerous place, of course, and there are threats at every turn, but letting your prime motivator be fear – be it on a personal or national level – is never a good idea.
  • You Know the Rules: MTV Europe, you have been RickRolled. Yes, Rick Astley was voted the Best Act Ever. I, for one, am never gonna give him up.
  • Game(wave) On!: In podcasting news, my friends Anthony and MisterB – hosts of Letters vs. Numbers – sit in on the latest edition of the Gamewave Podcast. With regular co-host Joe in Japan for a year, there is a standing offer for guest hosts on this always amazing VGM 'cast. The line forms to the left.
  • Ooooooooooohhh… On the VDiP Tip: In a related story, there's a new edition of Vagina Deep in Podcast. What kind of craziness do Nina and Sanny unleash on us this time around? Wouldn't you like to know!
  • Around the Corner: Have you seen the video for funky49's new single "Milk & Doo Doo?" It features attractive ladies, laughable lyrics, and funky mugging for the camera. In a word: delightful!
  • It's-a Me!: Justin, of J-rockers Hidari, recently sent me a link to this lovingly crafted musical tribute to Super Mario World. It is by Louie Armstrong. Or not.
  • I'd Like to Thank the Academy: Word from Devo Spice himself is that Sudden Death's Fatal Error is being considered for a Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album. As even being nominated to be nominated is an honor, please join me in preemptively congratulating him.
  • Front the Most: My friend and constant Twitter companion Snipeyhead made the dangerous trek into New Jersey this Tuesday to catch the MC Frontalot/YTCracker/MC Lars gig featuring Jersey's own Sudden Death. This historic show marked the last time Front will ever perform "Special Delivery," and Snipe got tons of great pictures.
  • Fully Unembarrassing: MC Frontalot received a favorable review from the Onion AV Club, saying of his new release Final Boss "To a non-English-speaker, it would sound like a completely legit hip-hop package."
  • Elevation: The Frontalot documentary Nerdcore Rising was likewise positively reviewed by The Nerdiest Kids, going so far as to give it "a 5/5, two thumbs up, and maybe a loud wookie roar." Truly everything is coming up Milhouse.
  • Nontraditional, But in a Good Way: The Grammar Club is Digital Freedom artist of the month for November! Sure, the touted biographical information is a little dated, but this does nothing to diminish the utter coolness of seeing the Club get some press.
  • Random Videos: Johnie Tidwell (of Cartoon Mogul) sent me links to a ton of new vids featuring our boy Random. The first is a cleaner version of the video for "Fly," and the others are a freestyle, "One," and "Raze the Bar" from a recent in-store that Ran did in Vegas. JT also let slip that he is currently talking with Maja about working up a new video, so we all have that to look forward to.
  • County House: Snake Eyes recently reworked his Crate Digger Deathmatch submission into a proper release dubbed Golden Country Greats. It's a really thematic and slickly produced collection of reworked country that certainly warrants your attention.
  • Round 2: The next time you find yourself taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the RT BBS, swing by the Game Music 4 All section of the forums to get the scoop on the next GM4A compilation. It's going to be a sequel to the Here Comes a New Challenger comp, so it's sure to boast a ton of great nerdcore/VGM collabs.
  • Nose-picking and Thatcherism: Taking us out this week is a new entry into Front's "Wallflowers" video contest. It was skillfully edited by my good friend Church and it features my son Li'l X. There be cuteness. Beware.


funky49 said...

My girlfriend and I are going to the Kennedy Space Center (damn, i need to marry that girl!) later this month so we might shoot a crappy video for "Starblazer" :)

D-Form said...

Everyone is eager for change but ultimately it's still up to the people. Like you said, the President can only do so much.

Hopefully the election wasn't like a motivational seminar where everybody is pumped on Friday but back to normal while sitting in their cube on Friday.

Thanks for the link to the Snake Eyes mix, dl'ing right now.

Anonymous said...

yay! I love the Grammar Club! Good for them, seriously.

antisoc said...

I wrote a song that was as unpopular as the candidate I voted for.

Church said...

Damn, I only just realized I should have given you cinematography credit. I'm not used to actively working with other people.

Oh well, you got to share the punchline.

antisoc said...

Also, X is completely awesome with the dance moves. Did I mention that? I guess not.