Monday, November 03, 2008

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 55: Z. for Vendetta

Asking who wants to be president at this point in our nation's history is akin to saying "Alright, folks, the Titanic needs a new captain. Any takers?"

And yet still we have no shortage of folks vying for the post. The allure of the big desk is that strong.

Yes, this is an Election Day episode. Therefore the songs are of a political nature. This will turn some of you off, but such is the nature of the beast.

I can all but guarantee that you won't agree with the content within some of these tracks. You may find the ideas espoused and the positions assumed by the featured artists to be objectionable, incendiary, or just plain ridiculous.

Consequently, you might just find them amusing.

We walk a thin line.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 55: Z. for Vendetta [hosting provided by Antisocial] Size: 34.6 MB Running Time: 50:27

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
Spellah/Thompson '08!

Track 1: V for Vendetta dialog / Uncle Monsterface – "Derockracy"
"It's totally wicked hard to run our nation."

Z's 1st interlude: "Remember, remember the 4th of November."
How else was I gonna start this ep?

Track 2: MC Frontalot – "Black Box (feat. Random)"
It's not everyday you come across a nerdcore track about voting scandal.

Track 3: Jonathan Coulton – "The Presidents"
This is the type of song that the magic of Wikipedia affords!

Track 4: Category – "Adventures in Paranoia"
Cat fulfils the vital role of this episode's raving conspiracy hound. It's a post he takes very seriously.

Track 5: V for Vendetta dialog / Lemon Demon – "123456 Pokemon"
"Don’t worry. Bill Murray."

Track 6: AJP Productions – "Bomb Iran (Ron Paul 2008 Mix)"
Poor Ron Paul.

Track 7: John Brown – "Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Pipe)"
For all of you Palin lovers out there, here's some advice: go to the supermarket on a weekday afternoon. Road-worn 40-something ex-beauty queens as far as the eye can see.

Track 8: Rhett and Link – "Economy Bailout Song"
Is "Internet comedian" a real job?

Z's 2nd interlude: "Maybe that’s just my preference talking."
Part of me really expected a McCain/Palin song from Former Fat Boys.

Track 9: Obamatat – "We Can not Walk Alone"
Should any diehard Obama supporters be in the market for some free music, check out this mixtape.

Track 10: MC Lars and YTCracker – "Manifest Destiny"
As I mentioned previously, The Digital Gangster LP is the shit.

Track 11: Zombies! Organize!! – "Zombie Manifesto"
This marks the third consecutive episode to prominently feature Z!O!! Just thought I'd point that out.

Track 12: V for Vendetta dialog / Frazier Chorus – "Anarchy in the UK"
Yes, Tim Freeman is Martin Freeman's brother. I reckon that's exactly the type of quasi-geeky trivia that you turn to RFH for.

Z's final interlude: "Mostly, I just support the power of thought, the power of words."
Of course it's words that got us into this mess, as it seems like we no longer concern ourselves with who is right and who is wrong: only with who can express his or her blustery indignation the loudest.

Track 13: Rx – "Imagine/Walk on the Wild Side"
I am a card carrying member of The Party Party.

Just to be clear, I do not recommend blowing up the Houses of Parliament. Given all the Fawkes-ery of this edition, I just figured that needed to be said.

Keen ears may notice that this episode sounds a bit different than those that came before. This is because I tried a little experiment this time around. This ep. is encoded at 96 kbps as opposed to my regular 128.

Honestly, I find the sound quality to be noticeably shittier, but let me know what you think. While I have every intention of returning to the original bitrate with episode 56, if you guys don't notice a difference I may reconsider.


Sponng said...

Thanks for another great mix. popping it in now.

obsessive blonde said...

Great. Just when I thought I had escaped "123456 Pokemon," you bring it back to haunt me.

funky49 said...

This is going to be played on my way to an election party!

Was I too silly to expect "Renegade Hope" or "Wack Attack" to be included in this mix? Can I just pay you to boost my failing ego? :)

Church said...

No "Red White and MILF?"

Z. said...

Glad you dig it, Sponng.

I did it for you, Snidge. All for you!

Shit, funk, "Renegade Hope" would've fit great. :(

Nah, I went with "Lay the Pipe" instead, Church.

Category said...

Cheers for the love Z.!

And you are right, I take my paranoid delusions very seriously - if I didn't, I'd look pretty stupid in this tin foil hat.