Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Church hit me up yesterday with this link to "34 Geeky Pumpkin Faces" over at walyou. There are your requisite Yodas, Vaders, and Marios, but there are also some surprises. While certainly not the most technically impressive, the Space Invader and Death Star are two of my favorites, and the Optimus Prime is, of course, awe-inspiring.

My jack-o-lantern design for this year began as a Lovecraftian concept, but I feared a Cthulhu gourd was a bit beyond my skill level. Instead I've elected to carve one based on X's favorite TV show. So this time next week I should have some pics of either a Brobee or Muno pumpkin. In the meantime, feel free to share your own carved creations, as I'd love to see 'em.


Church said...

I am still dumbfounded that someone put the time and effort into carving an "I.E." pumpkin.

Matt said...

X's favorite TV show? Sure. You just put up with it for his sake, right?

Z. said...

Hey, I never said I didn't enjoy YGG myself. :)

Jim said...

Heya Z!
Long time listener, first time typinger. One of the Darth Vader ones is mine, here's a set with the rest from last year, I'll be adding this year's as they're carvinated.

There doesn't seem to be a Flickr group for "nerd pumpkins" or "geek pumpkins" - wanna start one?