Friday, October 17, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

By rights, I should be decorating the house for Halloween today. Sadly, I am currently in the throes of the kind of virus than only someone with young children can contract.

The whole family's got it. We are now bound by blood as well as mucus.

Which, now that I think about it, is pretty goddamn Halloweeny.

Go us!
  • Nerd Ink, the Continuing Adventures: How can you out-geek a Hello Kitty Boba Fett tattoo? Only with the power of the Hawkman!
  • Divine Intervention: In what can only be interpreted as a sign from the Geek Gods, the Online Hip-Hop Awards have extended their nomination season. So vote for Random some more!
  • Church Submits the Following: A doctorial student from Purdue examines the "hyperhwiteness" (and, to some degree "hypermaleness") associated with nerd culture. Meanwhile, MIT seeks to shed its geeky image by any means necessary. Me? I went to community college, so I am thankfully far below this level of critical analysis.
  • WTS: funky49 is looking to sell some music and gaming tech on eBay. If you're currently in the market for an Atari 2600 or a Yamaha TX7 synth, he will fucking hook you up.
  • Bend it Like Blip Fest: Highly Liquid is now selling a kit that allows you to add a MIDI input to a classic Casio keyboards. Circuit benders and chipheads rejoice!
  • The Real GWB: After a fairly long wait – yeah, like I have room to talk – The Geekly Weekly crew is back with another podcast. This edition includes talk about the new DSi, the Ig Nobel Prizes, the Stephen Colbert/Spiderman crossover, and music from my man ZeaLouS1. Give it a listen.
  • We're a Happy Family: And if you're looking for some fresh musical hotness, check out the newly released Nerdcore Family Vol 1. It features MC Topher, T.y.T., 'Moans, MC Lars, nYgel and many more of your favorites. It's also free, so you've got no reason not to love it.
  • Stolen Glasses and Pilfered Usernames: And speaking of MC Lars, he and YTCracker recently made an appearance on Revision3's Internet Superstar, the web talkshow hosted by Martin Sargent. He's the American Tom Green. Talk covers everything from their new album (slated for a November 1st release) to how YT scored such a sweet Gmail account.
  • Zombies! Chaos! Cleavage!: Call is zombie erotica. Call it rancid cheesecake. Call it… disturbing. Whatever you call it, My Zombie Pinup is an interesting diversion. With blood. And boobs.
  • Sins of the Father: And taking us home this week is the trailer for the new James Potter fanfilm series The Elders' Crossing. It's based on the writings of G. Norman Lippert and is scored by none other than Nina of The Butterbeer Experience. Behold the face of fandom!

1 comment:

Luzid said...

Wait - there's a podcast out there practically ripping off the Weekly Geek name? Heresy (ironically cries the atheist, who thus lacks any religion)! :p

If there are fans of this nerdy-come-lately, don't bother getting huffy: the Weekly Geek's been out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer.

Z, I feel compelled to put in a counter-endorsement. TWG rocks.

(But I'll check out this other show too. *grumble grumble*)