Friday, October 24, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

Last week ComputerWorld’s John Brandon published his list of the top 10 best written blogs. Oddly enough, GeekDad made the cut.

How cool is that?

What’s more, a post I wrote concerning Doctor Octoroc’s bead sprites was linked as an example!

I know it may seem like the other GeekDads and I were possibly a little too flattered by the nod, but you have to understand our position. Within the past month our site has seen a huge surge in traffic. And along with such increased popularity comes a lot more snide comments and unconstructive criticism – something about the greater dickwad theory, if I’m not mistaken. So having someone outside our circle acknowledge that the blog is well-written was just the pat on the back we needed.

GeekDad is a fun project, and I’m proud to be a part of it, but I’m also really thrilled to still be doing my own thing here at Hipster, please! It ain’t exactly acclaimed and it sure as hell ain’t as popular, but it’s mine. And you guys are my kind of people.
  • Free Zombies: Anyone who's read this blog since my return from Nerdapalooza last July has surely realized that I love me some Zombies! Organize!! Sadly, they have had no legitimate releases save a handful of compilation contributions and a demo. Until now. The new Z!O!! album Before It's Too Late is available for purchase. But wait! It's also available for free download. The choice is yours.
  • Kills Zeds Dead(er): If you’re like me, you live in constant fear of the inevitable zombie apocalypse. To that end: Zombies Tools. Yes, at long last we finally have a legitimate supplier for anti-zombie weaponry. The line forms to the left.
  • Full Ride Here I Come!: And speaking of hardfought legitimacy, Church has reminded me that this Sunday, October 26th, Middlebury College will host the first large Intercollegiate Quidditch Tournament in history. Yep, Muggle Quidditch on a large scale. And it’s free!
  • Shit-tie: Also on the Potter front comes this link from my home-skillet Matt of free_geek. The lovely Lena (of The Butterbeer Experience) has just previewed a new track via YouTube. And since she's unable to speak due to a vocal cord ailment, she found an interesting way to intro the vid.
  • Processed Beef: mc chris recently posted his take on nerdcore and feuds. If you haven't given it a look yet, you might wanna check it out. Interesting stuff.
  • Utah Taints: And speaking of nerdcore, it seems to have grown in popularity in one of our most angular states. Check out for some wise words from MC Frontalot and to read the fascinating phrase "For anyone who thinks Nerdcore and other forms of independent hiphop are too dumb to catch on in Utah, think again." Ah, such forward thinking!
  • The Dragon Awakes: Guess who's back in the muthafuckin' house? Super Dragon X! Yes, SDX gave me a shout yesterday to let me know that's he's got some amazing new tracks in the works. He's also made an acappella of his classic joint "Heliopolis " available for remixing. Y'all get on that!
  • Pixel Perfect: While you tend to associate Game Music 4 All with the musical side of gamer culture, Anthony recently reminded us that the site fervently supports of the visual arts as well via an interview with the amazing 8 Bit Artist. You saw his work at 32 Bit Genocide, now get to know the man behind them.
  • Midwest Represent: Another interview that warrants your attention is Legendary Wizard's recent piece on MadHatter. It's got all the inside info on the Sinister Six, as well as the skinny on Scrub Club and Midwest Nerdfest.
  • Across the Pond: I'm a big fan of our nerdy European brothers, particularly those from the UK. Therefore I am excited to direct you toward new full-lengths from both Category and MisterB! Cat's uk.geek.core blends nerdcore and punk rock in a manner most sublime, and MisterB's SNOGS is a sloppy musical goodnight kiss. Grab 'em both.
  • The Will of One: Word from the Resistance is that those game rocking musical revolutionaries The Protomen are releasing a limited edition 7 inch. This is the first officially released single from the upcoming second act of their Mega Man rock opera, and will feature a never-before-heard b-side. It’ll also be given away for fuckin' free to attendees of the release celebration at 12th and Porter in Nashville on November 8th!
  • Wild, Wild West: And speaking of singles, MC Lars and YTCracker – the latter of which may have helped to prove that Apple Genius is racist – have a new video single for the track "Manifest Destiny." Skillfully produced by Irina Slutsky and Nick Iannone of GETV, it is a wonder to behold. So please do so.


Category said...

Cheers for the mention Z.!

Also, LOVING the Zombies! Organize!! disc!

Z. said...

Glad to do it, Cat, and glad you're feeling Z!O!!