Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 50: The People and What They Want

You guys are the greatest!

I mean that. That's not meant to be pandering or sharply ironic; it's just intended to express my gratitude.

This podcast and this blog stay afloat because, for whatever reason, you folks keep coming back for more. And while I don't wholly understand what it is about my hillbilly ways that continually attracts your interest, I feel fortunate that something does.

Thanks for giving me something to do with my spare time, and for proving that even a lowly nerd can find likeminded individuals through the power of the internet.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 50: The People and What They Want [hosting provided by Antisocial] Size: 45.7 MB Running Time: 49:56

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – “Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)”
If this episode is all about special requests, consider this one mine.

Track 1: unknown – "Smurfs Theme (Techno Remix)"
This one is for funky49. He is, apparently, a Smurfs fan.

Z's 1st interlude: "Each song I play is a special request from a special listener."
Meaning, essentially, that you guys did my job for me this time around.

Track 2: 2 Skinnee J's – "Irresistible Force"
This one is for Alex. And also for ADeadHeart; she didn't ask for it specifically, but I know she digs it.

Track 3: Attackslug – "Earth Defense Force"
As requested by DON VITO, the glue that holds together.

Track 4: Superpowerless – "Swimming With Sharks"
MisterB requested some Superpowerless. I obliged. We cool like that.

Track 5: mc chris – "DQ Blizzard"
This one is my personal favorite classic mc chris track. It's going out to my brother Shael Riley in NYC, long-distance dedication style.

Track 6: Truckasaurus – "Supercopter"
Krys actually requested MC Router's "Unwired" or some Truckasaurus. For some strange reason, I couldn't locate my copy of the former.

Track 7: Dual Core – "Fantastic Four Remix (feat. Beefy, Wheelie Cyberman, and YTCracker)"
La Bete requested some "obscure Dual Core." That's sort of a tall order, so instead I gave him this great remix from the new Lost Reality album.

Z's 2nd interlude: "DJK, otherwise known as Ken Denmead."
You can hear more of Ken's work at his site.

Track 8: No Kill I – "Captain's Log"
For my pal Church; he's our obligatory Trekkie.

Track 9: The Hungarian Horntails – "The Cave"
I couldn't find the exact Horntails track that Snidget wanted, so I substituted this one.

Track 10: Ultraklystron – "Fashionable"
Antisocial says this is his favorite Ultraklystron track. I can see why.

Track 11: Chromelodeon – "Polygon Sun"
With the dissolution of Optimus Rhyme, I join Anthony in the My Favorite Band Broke up Club. We meet the first Tuesday of the month.

Track 12: IllGill – "Hatin'"
This one's for Thugmasta J of Magitek. It's always nice to see east coast artists give some love to those on the west.

Track 13: Marc with a C – "Classic Country Wasn't Multitracked"
mCRT is all up on Marc with a C's musical jock. As well he should be.

Z's final interlude: "Check out Radio Free Hipster's sister podcasts."
Just as there are a number of other blogs that I consider to be in a similar vein to my own Hipster, please!, so are there other podcasts that I consider tonic to the nerdy musical message of RFH. There's HipTrax, of course and Letters vs. Numbers, the Gamewave podcast, and new addition Vagina Deep in Podcast. There are countless others, but those are the ones that came immediately to mind.

Track 14: The Grammar Club – "Alternate Ending"
This was an anonymous request. I like that. it gives us that air of mystery we've been longing for!

And there you have it folks: 50 episodes of Radio Free Hipster. I know it's really just a drop in the bucket compared to bigger podcasts, but it's quite an achievement in my eyes.

Next episode will be a return to (free) form, but hopefully I'll have some nice surprises in September. There've been a number of requests for a dedicated chiptune/VGM podcast, which should be doable, and I'm also going to try and get Church and Matt to help me celebrate a new grassroots holiday I'm calling Drunken Podcasting Month.

If you're a podcaster and would like to participate it's a simple two step process:
  1. Get drunk.
  2. Record a podcast.
I reckon it might catch on.


Matt said...

Damn it! You didn't do my request!

Z. said...

Nope. Though I did consider playing a selection from my Trock project Dalek Zed and the Good Doctor. ;)

Anonymous said...

Drunken Podcasting month.

Hell. Yes.

Church said...

That Smurf track is smurfy.

Actually, most of these are. You should make this a yearly bit, Z.

Antisoc said...

That IllGill track is off the hook. I need another post-industrial rapper to collab with. Heck, until nerdcore came along, I was ready to kick off my futurepop/EBM career. Anyhow, great 'cast, as usual.

I gotta get out of this room, it's like 90 degrees in here. :-P

Z. said...

I thought you'd like that, MisterB.

I like the ideas o user-created playlists, Church. I might make it a fixture of the show from time to time.

I'd like to hear you collab, Soc, with Gill or any other similar artist.