Thursday, August 14, 2008

Drunken Podcasting Month

I love faux holidays. (Fauxlidays, if you will.)

They are the Styrofoam packing material of the modern calendar. Meaning, of course, that they help to protect and insulate the all-too infrequent real holidays that liven up an otherwise drab year.

Moreover, I've always wanted to start my own. Not for personal glory or untold wealth, but for sheer shits and giggles.

The question was what. Followed immediately by when.

And then, while listening to a moderately belligerent MisterB on the pair of Nerdapalooza special editions of the Letters vs. Numbers podcast, I was struck with a revelation:

Alcohol and podcasting go hand in hand!

It's an outright truth, an undeniable fact. Most podcasters - myself included - tend to drink on the mic. And there's nothing wrong with that; it limbers the vocal cords and sharpens the wit.

But what if we had a season specifically dedicated to podcasting under the influence? What if we had an officially designated month for drunkcasting?

And so, it is with great pleasure that I invite my friends and fellow 'casters to join me this September in celebration of the inaugural Drunken Podcasting Month.

Your task is simple. Record a podcast at least once during those 30 days. Drunk.

If you want to get a little tipsy, that's cool. If you want to get totally shit-faced, that'll do as well. Your choice.

Hell, if you wanna record multiple drunk podcasts during the month-long celebration, that's fine too. It's your liver.

All you really need is an urge to podcast, a functional means to record and disseminate said podcast, some booze, and, of course, to be a legal drinker in your principality.

I'm sure this isn't gonna rival Talk Like a Pirate Day or anything, but it could provide some interesting entertainment options. It's my simple hope that a few of my friend's from the podasting community will join me in the alcohol-fueled revelry. And maybe a few podcasting backsliders will use this as an opportunity to return to the fold. (I'm looking at you, Beefy.)

So buy a bottle, find a friend, and fire up your microphones. Drunken Podcasting Month is coming. And it's totally gonna be a thing.


Church said...

I'll drink to that!

Matt said...

I generally subscribe to the idea that if you need an excuse to get drunk you're a pansy, but this sounds like a right good time.

Here's the question though. Is it enough to get drunk during the podcast, or should you be drunk when you hit record?

Beefy said...

For you Z, and just you, I will throw down with a drunken podcast.

...i'm going to need to get some theme music lol

Anthony said...

@MAtt I like the idea of becoming increasingly drunk during the podcast. just to have a recorded record of someones descent into hammereddom.

Also, Z, stealing ideas from our podcast again are we?

Antisoc said...

Well, I recorded a podcast a bit too early. I will have to record another one in September. Whoops.

I need to learn to read directions.

Z. said...

You better, Church!

I say you start recording when you're still on the bubble, and then get sloppy as it progresses, Matt.

Glad to have you back, Beef. I knew booze would win you over!

Hey now, Ant, let's not point accusatory fingers. ;)

Soc is great with the follow-through, just not much with the attention to details. :P

antisoc said...

Well, I guess it's september somewhere!

wait, that wasn't the saying...