Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nerd news in Brief

2010 can not get here fast enough.

Yes, an east coast PAX has been confirmed! Of course, I am proper excited.

The question is: will I be able to make it? Short answer: hopefully.

I reckon we can assume that "east coast" means NYC, and, while that's still pretty damn far away, it is a lot closer than Sea-town. Plus, it'll probably be an opportunity to see folks like Front, Myf, and Schaffer again, as well as connect with guys like Matt, Church, and Shael face-to-face.

It sounds too good to pass up.
  • mc chris hearts PAX: In other PAX news, mc chris recently apologized to fans via the Penny Arcade PAX forum for dropping out of this year's concert. He even went so far as to offer free "mc chris hearts PAX" t-shirts for attendees to wear to the event on his behalf.
  • Stuck on You: Also up for gabs are these handsome Nerdcore For Life "laptop stickers." While they aren't free, the price is quite reasonable: just Paypal $2 to to get four stickers. Act now and you can get in on the "stick a sticker on something cool and maybe get a free Nerdcore for Life T-shirt" contest by photographing whatever smooth, flat surface you affix your NC4L sticker to and emailing said image to the same address by September 1st.
  • For Sale by Owner: Ant has finally announced that the Welcome to World 2 comp is now available for online purchase. Discriminating buyers can even check out the free b-sides album Music EXP before taking the plunge.
  • Get Your Fix: Nerdy piano pop mastermind Sugar Fix has recently unleashed a new track. It's called "Days Like This," and it's a delightful slice of traditional pop with the slightest hint of geeky hopelessness. Listen and learn.
  • Have Dulcimer, Will Travel: Wizard Rocker (and enthusiastic Hipster, please! supporter) Snidget is currently on tour throughout the northeast. Is she coming to your area? If so, show up and give her some love. And cheer extra loud for me!
  • They Are Family: Raleigh NC's News & Observer posted a pretty interesting piece on WRock last month (which Church sent to me weeks ago, but I just recently found floating around the bottom of my inbox.) It's an interesting write-up that focuses on the scene's strength of community, and also makes references to Filk and Trek rock.
  • Nerdcore in Middle English: Matt found this hip-hop take on the Canterbury Tales' General Prologue. He shared it with me because I love shit like this. I share it with you fully knowing you probably don't. Your lit teacher, however, will find it fascinating.
  • Nerdcore goes functional: Nate sent me a link to this rap piece that properly explains the science behind the Large Hadron Collider. It features the vocal stylings of Kate McAlpine, whom, I believe, Church has claimed as his latest girlfriend-who-doesn't-know-it-yet.
  • Sounds of the Past: Speaking of Nate Trier, he let me know that he's currently looking for geektastic "audio plays" – that is, mp3 conversions of old records, tapes, or CDs concerning superheroes and other such nerdy stuff – for a new musical project. So if you've got any audio relics from your childhood that you wouldn't mind sharing, hit him up over at MySpace. Contributors will get shout-outs in the liner notes, so you've got nothing to lose.
  • Meanwhile, in the Future: The Protomen will be bringing their unique Mega Man rock opera to a number of notable events throughout the coming months. Catch them August 16th in Baltimore at 32-Bit Genocide, August 29th-31st at DragonCon in Atlanta, and September 10th-14th at Next Big Nashville.
  • BeakTube: And wrapping things up is another find by my buddy Matt. It's got Muppets. Lots of Muppets.


Church said...

I was scooped on CERN rap? Damn.

Good to see more Sugar Fix. His "Rule 34" is good too.

Anthony said...

Hey church, I do believe Kate McAlpine should be my latest girlfriend-who-doesn't-know-it-yet, since I specifically wanted a rap like this months ago! Here's the proof!

Also, just a quick note Z. The Music EXP album isn't a b-sides, it's actually our first anniversary compilation (WtW2 being the second anniversary comp), and is available for 7 bucks as well, or both of the comps together for 12 bucks.

Church said...

That's freaky, Ant.

Maybe you're her boyfriend-who-doesn't-know-it-yet?

Baddd Spellah said...

re: Canterbury Rap. Those guys came late to the party. Vancouver's own Baba Brinkman did it first:

Justin said...

I'm hoping the Muppet videos are a prelude to a new Muppet Show. I need more Pigs in Space! My favorite is the one with Beaker, Animal and Swedish Chef doing Habanera.

funky49 said...

I dub the Collider rap... "Nu Skool House Rock"