Sunday, August 03, 2008


It’s another lazy Sunday. The kind of day I usually reserve for cobbling together a playlist for the next Radio Free Hipster podcast. Only today I can’t. Because of my ceaseless dedication to the theme.

You see, I have this crazy idea to celebrate RFH’s 50th episode by doing an all request show. To that end I need requests. Your requests. You tell me what to play, and I play it. It’s truly that simple.

You wanna hear some more chiptunes? Fine. Another Krondor Krew joint? Excellent. Some WRock from Remus or some grock from JoCo? Hunky and dory respectively. You want some funny musical numbers from Steve Martin or some classic nerdery from Devo? I got you. Need me to play a mash-up or electro-clash bit from a previous episode? Aight. You wanna hear the theme from Voltron? Uh, okay, I reckon I can do that too.

You folks know the drill; if it’s musical and (even vaguely) geeky, I’ll gladly play it. All you gotta do is ask.

My one single rule is that you not request your own song. That’s just plain uncouth.

Just think of this as one of those cheesy Web 2.0 user-created paradigm shifts. Or, alternately, think of it as me being too lazy to put together my own damn song list. Either one works.

So, y’know, tell me what you wanna hear. Don’t make me beg.

And, uh, keep your feet on the ground, and keep drinking at the bars.
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Shael Riley said...

mc chris - DQ Blizzard, plz

Anonymous said...

Something obscure by Dual Core :)

Matt said...

Anthony Goldstein and the Bit Players!!!

DON VITO said...

Attack Slug's "Earth Defense Force" original version from the Endsville is burning album.

krys.brezinski said...

MC Router -- "UnWired"

also, something by Truckasaurus.

Rob said...

Marc with a C.

Anonymous said...

play illgill's "hatin'"

Church said...

Whatever NKI you haven't done yet.

I'm easy.

Anonymous said...

I'd love some grammar club!

Anthony said...

looks like I have to request the chiptunes. Please to be playing some Chromelodeon!

they are only the best post-chiptune band in existence! alright, they are the only ones, AND they broke up. BUT they are so insanely awesome that even over a year since they broke up people still love them to death!

and damn, what do we have to do to get some of MisterB's newest song "Kept My Job" on here? you know I got to look out for my podcasting brother!

Antisoc said...

I would like to request Ultraklystron - Fashionable

it's my favorite.

Z. said...

Fantastic suggestions, folks, and thanks so much for playing!

It looks like the set list is all filled up, so we'll consider the polls closed for now. That being said, remember that requests are always welcome on RFH, and just ebcause episode 50 is full-up doesn't mean I wouldn't love to have your suggestions for other eps. :)

funky49 said...

the smurfs theme song plz
or punky brewster's theme song